Sunday, February 7, 2010

To My Friends

I Will Not Be Distracted
I wanted you to know that there is some petty politics going on with some of my colleagues. Let me assure you that I will not be distracted from my representation of the values of the 31st District. It has been an honor to earn the support from the citizens of the 31st District for the past 19 years. I sincerely appreciate the supportive phone calls, emails, faxes, and 'keep your chin up' well-wishes I've received from colleagues and constituents in recent days.

We have important things to do in Olympia. I am leading the effort to protect the Second Amendment, save Rainier School, and reform DSHS in its CPS policies. I've just signed on as a co-sponsor to Sen. Holmquist's bill (SB 6821) to save the 2/3's vote requirement for tax increases that the Democrats are about to get rid of. I oppose the Democrats' tax raising agenda.

There are important things going on down here, but my office is always open. If you have any questions please call my office (360-786-7660) or send an email.

Best wishes,


Bari Willard said...

You are always of help to the people of Washington State. I was in Olympia last week and went to see my senator from my district. I was told he was not in and during the legislative session he was pretty much not available to see the public. I left my number, but have never received a call. Senator Ranker, this will be mentioned at the next town hall meeting in your district. People are angry and you have not addressed DSHS issues at all. Senator Roach, you truly are a blessing. We need MANY more like you, however, I am afraid God broke the mold....

gorillamum said...

Well said Bari! Even though the mold may be broken, God gave the rest of us the brain matter to learn from this wonderful broken mold. We have a true fighter in Senator Roach, one to keep and learn from. You are a wonderful example Senator, Keep up the great work.