Monday, February 22, 2010

Lt. Gov. Brad Owen Could Trump The Dump

The U. S. Congress has no corner on the tax market. We are selling and buying here too.

In an effort to move the repeal of the Taxpayer Protection Act of 2007 (I-960) a little faster we are in a night session. It is not unusual to vote into the night. It is unusual to start in the night! And, another unusual situation is that Governor Chris Gregoire is in WA D.C. We have a stand-in governor for two more days!

The repeal of I-960 started with a Senate bill stripping all of the tax protections from voter approved law. I-960 was not just about requiring a 2/3 vote for the legislature to pass taxes. It required notification to the public when a tax bill was coming down the pike, etc.

The gutting bill then went to the House where the legislators there actually put voter notification back in the bill. They did this, of course, because the majority could all take a ''good'' vote. Since the bill was amended in the House it now must come back to the Senate for concurrence. We will all vote to concur in the good House amendment. Then there will be a party line final passage vote sending the bill to the governor for a signature.

But the governor is out of town. Our acting governor is Lt. Gov. Brad Owen. He has been replaced in his duties as president of the Senate by Senator Rosa Franklin. Here is the last scenario for saving the will of the people: The bill will be immediately transmitted to the governor and then Owen vetoes out all the sections that repeal the people's will. Wa-laa. And Owen wins his next race with an even bigger margin!

Only Owen can trump the dumping of The Taxpayer Protection Act.

One can figure how to stop stuff...problem is...It ain't happening!

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