Monday, February 8, 2010

Washington Legislature To Raise Taxes In Recession

Seattle Times editorial (1/13/2010) -- Two years ago, this page supported I-960, and we still do. The situation in Olympia now is what the people had in mind when they passed it. Legislators are playing with dynamite if they repeal it.

In the morning a series of tax votes will begin. Individual Democratic legislators in swing districts will be let off the tax votes. What?

Yeah...there are so many Dems in both houses that each swing district D will only have to give a couple tax votes...if any. The D's in downtown Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and Spokane will pony up with the tax votes because their constituents like the taxes. Kastama, Eide, Kauffman, etc...won't have to tax. (I will take a roll call to see.)

But, come fall, the voters will remember the PARTY. Like the D's ran against Bush in '08, the R's will run against the policies of taxation brought by the D's in '10.


gorillamum said...

This just really gets me. This tells me that is really is not about what the people have voted for. I will admit I am liberal on SOME issues, Social Services mainly, but the money is mis-spent on programs that do not work. Reminds me of George Carlin in his last HBO Special when he said he loves it when all these "new" idea's don't work! He was soooooo right. I guess I'm more of a Centrist than anything. Depends on what the issue is and how the tax money will be spent. Dems like to waste, and Reps like to not spend. One would thing all these elected "children" (not you Senator) could come to an agreement, but too many sponcers are in the way of just cause.

Anonymous said...

Be pro-active: Parental and
"If you have no family rights then by default... YOU... HAVE... NO... RIGHTS... AT... ALL..."

Don't let apathy doom us!

gorillamum said...

Where do they plan to spend this tax increase is my question? This makes me think of what is going on AGAIN in Tacoma with the gang activity on Hilltop. Before they let it get out of control on purpose so they could get Federal Funding to "Clean up!" This is why I don't trust my Representatives here in Pierce County. Instead of loving their fellow human, they love the money instead.

Anonymous said...

DSHS is reportedly the most litigated against agency within Washington state.

Perhaps the DSHS could cut costs by affirmatively working with families, rather than destroying them.

There is lots of wiggle room for MONEY to DISAPPEAR within an unaccountable, unsupervised branch of government.

gorillamum said...

I have one question and that is why is there not a higher tax on the rich? When Eisenhower was in office he put a 90% tax on the rich and it didn't hurt them. Instead here in this State they want to tax all the wrong people and wrong things. As a low income person I see prices going up on items and we the poor keep struggling to pay bills with nothing left to live on. Shame on this State, and it's lawmakers. I say put a higher tax on people like Bill Gates. His charities are going to people in other countries while people here are in peril. By the way, did anyone know that there are now more lobbiest for the banks in DC than ever before? You know, those institutions that screwed people over. I almost have to laugh at the people scammed by Bernies Madeoff. His last name should have been their first clue!