Friday, October 9, 2009

And The Nobel Peace Prize Goes To......Obama???

Republican or doesn't matter. You have to ask yourself how President Obama could come away with the Nobel Peace Prize when he hasn't done anything.

Apparently, the committee liked the fact that he talks about peace and finds correlation between that and merrily letting Iran proceed down the path to the A-Bomb.

Maybe the committee likes the fact that Obama has done his best to throw Honduras to the Marxists. And, I guess it is proof you want peace when you won't talk with your generals.

That's it for me and a bunch of other Americans. We no longer give a ---- who gets the Nobel. It doesn't mean a thing except the money that goes to the winner. Maybe if he had said the U.S. athletes would throw all their games we would have gotten the Olympics in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

I had to stop and ponder that one myself. Actually, more like short circuit.

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Anonymous said...

Obama the deception by Alex Jones