Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lilly Update..Comments From Her Mother...My Thoughts? CPS Needs To Admit It Was Wrong And Give Lilly Back

Dear Readers,
Many of you are new so I will recap in brief form. Lilly (3) was taken from maternal grandparents who raised her from birth. CPS lied to get her. They told the birth mother that Lilly would be adopted by her parents if she terminated her rights. She terminated and then went on to be very successful in rehab. So successful that a CPS high-mucky-muck suggested to me that she should be the object of a newspaper article. (We didn't fall for that one!) CPS then lied in the grandparent's home study. I complained. After many weeks CPS amended just a couple of the lies...notably one that had said the grandmother was a thief and had stolen a computer from Swedish Hospital.The computer had actually been given to the grandparents by the department because they were foster providers. The study was still so flawed that CPS did another one but not until after the child was first in a foster-adopt home and then shuffled to the paternal great-grandparents who decided they wanted to keep her.
Even though the child was taken through lies...I was told she would never be able to go back to the mother or maternal grandparents. And CPS has managed to cause havoc in the inter-grandparent relationships! Nice going CPS! I wrote about what I was told...that the child would stay with the older, rich, politically connected great-grandparents. I tried to reason with CPS. That was impossible under Randy Hart. He would rather not admit any mistakes. And, then they also make the value judgement that the child is better off being rich with old "parents" than without wealth and with 45 year-old grandparent, parents." The fact of the lies doesn't bother them at all. Here is the comment I just received from the birth mother who was tricked into terminating:

I do have to say when my family read this blog it killed us. I WANT DSHS TO KNOW
FIGHTING TO GET HER BACK. They all seem to think I will give up
when I graduate the program I am in. I have been clean for 2 years. If I can do
that I can do anything I put my mind to, so SC DSHS and AG ...I am going to fight for my daughter. You have taken Lilly for no reason. My parents are saints u had no right to take her. OUR FAMILY WILL NEVER STOP.
Thank you for continuing to follow this. I thank God everyday for you.
Lilly's mom

Note: I have heard nothing about the employee who lied to get the child into the foster adopt home....DSHS should make good on the promises they make. I realize that a judge can not be bound by what CPS thinks...although for all intents they are... But lying to take a child should be a crime. It should be punishable. Somehow CPS can lie before a judge and get away with it. What will the new director of Children's do?
This case is not finished and hopefully, the new CPS secretary will want justice to prevail even if the admissions are harmful to the department. Forget the backsides and let's get wrongs corrected.

By the way...if people lie in court they are prosecuted for perjury. Maybe the AG and DSHS and The Judges Association might want to investigate this big hole.


Anonymous said...

CPS will not do the right thing. It will take an expensive lawsuit or two to get their attention. I had refuted seven pages of gross errors just to be told that it was "the workers thoughts therefore we are not changing anything." It was not the worker's thoughts at all but rather twisted facts and made up lies. It was her thoughts, alright, just corrupt.

Anonymous said...

I have heard a little bit about this case, and also know a few things about law. The mother has very good standing. When one is under "duress" the relinquisment can be reversed. Good luck mom, keep on fighting

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator,

I saw this article on AOL and was trying to find a way to post this, since it doesn't really go with the topic, which I am commenting. However, I hope that you will post the following story from the New York Daily News.

It is an example of how children are emotionally and psychological damaged well into adulthood from their experiences in the Foster Care System.

Stacy Trussell said...

I got a call yesterday from the dept. supervisor saying that our 3 year old neice is being removed from the foster-adopt home she`s in because of behavioral problems. We have a meeting on Monday to discuss her being moved to my in-laws who she has met ONE time. They want her with us but the dept. told them if they didn`t decide to adopt her, the other family would. One lie after another. The child needs to be with us. They have done so much emotional damage to her and we just want her home. The dept. just can`t bring themselves to admit they were wrong and give her back. If she`s put with the relatives they are thinking of putting her with, there are 3 other girls in the home. One of the reasons the placement now wants her gone is because she`s beating up the 2 year old in their home. The other relatives also have a 2 year old. We can give her one on one time because we have no other children in the home. She was never ever aggressive in any way while she was with us and it`s only going to get worse with her being moved again but not to us. Thank you Mary Meinig for your help and your participation with the meeting we will be having on Monday. And, thank you Joe for being willing when court comes up to specify the family laws that have been broken. Everybody says what they`ve done is wrong, even the court appointed attorneys. It`s only a couple of people trying to prevent her from coming home. I pray all the time that they will do the right thing. She`ll be o.k. eventually if they will just let her come home.

Anonymous said...

thank you mary meinig ? Are you kidding me ? Whos job has it been for like the last decade to keep DSHS honest ? If anyone honestly should be blamed for the death of 1000s of personalities it is the people who were suppose to "guard the guards". If that fossilized bureaucrat meinig did her job laywers in washington would be out of business.

Anonymous said...

I think the social workers suggesting 'termination of parental rights' should be investigated, (generally speaking, not necessarily in Lilly's case.) It would be interesting to see if, on a case by case basis, nationwide, they have done everything in their power to help a child's natural parents provide a healthy home for their child. It seems like most of the time, they don't. Foster and adoptive families seem to be provided much more assistance from "child protective" agencies.

Anonymous said...

I want to say to Lilly`s mom that you should be very proud of yourself for staying clean for 2 years. I know someone who struggled for years and has now also been clean for about 3 years. I pray you get your Lilly back and very soon.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty interesting that with the "Balloon Boy" story; some in the media are saying things like that the story "does not rise to the level" to have their children taken away. My only question to society is what story does where a child or baby has been taken away by CPS and given to strangers? CPS has taken babies and children away from people who in the process of doing the right thing have found themselves being accused of "danger" when in no way, shape or form do some of those stories rise to any level of "danger". Those babies and children should never have been given to strangers so easily.