Sunday, October 4, 2009

Public Hospital In Renton Gives $1.7 Million To CEO

I have been busy trying to open up government and demand accountability in areas other than CPS. Part of this post is to document my activities. I chaired the citizens committee that stopped Public Hospital District #1 from annexing part of my legislative district in 2006. We made state history with a 94.4% NO vote.

The mayor of Maple Valley, Lauri Idding, filed a public disclosure complaint that revealed the public hospital spent $500,000 of taxpayer money in two campaigns. The hospital made state history with he largest violation for a public jurisdiction.

I had requested that the state auditor do a performance audit on the hospital which he did. The following is some of the press that came out as a result of the study. the CEO had been given $1.7 million in a retirement package but he hasn't retired. One is reminded of Enron. Please cut and paste.

Media coverage from the last week:

This editorial ran in Thursday's Times:

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