Saturday, October 3, 2009

Evergreen Professor Only Permits Marxist Presentation On Honduras

Liberal Evergreen State college professor has invited a female lecturer on Honduras to speak in his class about the crisis. But, he only wants a one sided presented.

Former Federal Way School Board member and successful business woman, Evelyn Castellar, lives in Honduras 6 months out of the year. She and her husband have a huge farm. I have been there many times.

Evelyn called and left a message volunteering to help in the lecture. The professor called her back and left his own message. He told Castellar that she could speak to the class if she was on Mel Zalaya's side. If not...she could ask questions during the Q&A.


Anonymous said...

So, the solution on this would be to stand outside of the class and hand out flyers that depict the truth. So what class does this professor teach?

John said...

Zalaya's political views are inconsequential. The coup itself is the opposite of democracy. If we allow this coup to happen, we abandon the entire system.