Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pattern Of Cover Up Runs Through All DSHS

"Apparently at the time of Phillip Paul's escape, Eastern State Hospital staff were told not to call 911. It seems unbelievable that anyone would make the decision not to notify authorities that a murderer was on the loose, but that is exactly what happened." Seattle Examiner, 10-3-09

Accountability starts at the top. This story is proof to the public that the culture of cover up exists within DSHS. Those of us who have been following the CPS issues know this well.
DSHS Has No Moral Compass

There are two types of lies. One is the lie of commission and the other the lie of omission. Even when human life hangs in the balance....the department has shown time and again that they will protect themselves before they protect the public. There are many motivations: money, egos, evilness, etc...but in the end...they will either lie or omit fact to get what they want and to avoid responsibility. They want to get away with something they know is wrong. And, unless it is something REALLY public...nothing changes. The culture is one of abdicating responsibility. So much so that there is no moral compass. (You can see how they cling to their culture in how long it takes to "reunite" the families...months of painful one hour visits...even when there was no danger to the kids!)

I Have Never Seen The Department Act On Its Own Volition To Correct The Lies....
In the case of Lilly....DSHS takes a child on the basis of an in home study done in preparation for an adoption. Grandparents were adopting the child they had raised. A false study was written. It was so bad that it was first amended...and then redone.

In the meantime, the child was given to a single, 26 year-old foster adopt woman. The little blond girl was then transferred to wealthy paternal great-grandparents with political connections.

I was told that even though the girl was taken from the grandparents based on a lie...she would never be returned. This speaks to evilness. This speaks to a department that knows they cannot admit an error. They cannot and will not hold anyone accountable. They would rather the community suffer than do the right thing.

This is Sunday. Pray for them that do evil.
Tomorrow...fight back!


Anonymous said...

lets see more press for cases beyond lilly please..something like 10,000 choices out there..I'm sure if you assign a volunteer political science intern to dig up dirt more kids could benefit.

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BellasMom06 said...

There is not going to be real reform until there is real accountability. One always has the option of suing, but if succesful, what good does that really do? The money will come from the States budget, not illegally acting employees. When jail time is a real consequence for false filings by CPS employees, then real changes will occur. thanks