Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Snatch Victim Loses Kids To State Custody

There are many terrible cases out there...let's continue to be reminded. Just imagine how this mother must be handling all this. And when she cries and screams at them...the state and the judge will use that as a reason to keep her kids.

ABC Channel 7 News Oct. 4, 2009

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A mother whose newborn was kidnapped by a knife-wielding woman posing as an immigration agent was briefly reunited with her baby Saturday, then saw him and her three other children taken from her and put into state custody. Rob Johnson, a spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Children's Services, said the children were taken from their mother, Maria Gurrolla, "purely for safety reasons," though he would not detail why the state deemed they were in danger.

"Our focus is on the children, and under the current situation right now, we think the safest thing to do is take the children into state custody," he said.

Gurrolla, 30, was stabbed in her home Tuesday, just four days after giving birth to Yair Anthony Carillo, who was snatched by the attacker."

...(The baby was found in good health some 80 miles away. He had been taken by a white woman posing as a state worker. She told her boyfriend the infant was her cousins and she was arranging to adopt him. But let's continue with what happened to the victim (the mother)in this story.... PR)

Earlier Saturday, officials said the newborn would stay with a foster family as authorities arranged for Gurrolla to be reunited with her son.

"This baby is a week old, and this child has spent half his life away from his family. I think it's time we reunite them," said My Harrison, a special agent with the FBI in Tennessee.

A Tenn. CPS spokesperson said arrangements were made for Gurrolla to see her baby Saturday afternoon to hold him, and she brought her three other children - ages 3, 9 and 11 - with her. All four children were then taken into custody. Officials said they could not discuss details for privacy reasons. A judge will review the case next week to determine when the children can go home.

(The FBI found the infant and he should have been immediately returned to the mother. Instead the state of Tenn. takes all four kids! PPR)

Joel Siskovic, an FBI special agent in the Memphis division, said he could not say why the children were put into state custody. "As of now, there's no indication that there's an ongoing threat to the family," he said. (They don't have to have a reason!The most horrifying part is the kidnapping by the state, not the crazy woman!)


Anonymous said...

what a bunch if s@^t! Its everywhere.

Anonymous said...

These problems need Federal level attention. Change the cash incentives towards keeping children with family and imeadiate changes would take place.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but it often seems that CPS traffics in babies and children to their own self-aggrandizement, power, and jobs-making opportunities.

Justina said...

I am so sure as heck that banging my head hard up against a brick wall 100 times would feel a bazillion times better than using my head to figure out how Corrupted Produced Spawns (CPS) from Hell get away with this crap!

I feel a vile disgust at them!

Justina said...

I am coming back to this comment:

"These problems need Federal level attention. Change the cash incentives towards keeping children with family and imeadiate changes would take place."

This could create the polar end of problems. They would be using the funds in the same exact manner and not give a flying whatever if a family member was safe or not. Thus, the child's best interest is still not served.

I want all Federal incentive funds for CPS to end. Make them do their job because it's their job. They are paid a salary already.

Then, have annual job reviews on a yearly basis. They keep their job if they did well that year. If not, they are fired.

Bye bye bad Social Worker.

BellasMom06 said...

Of course, this is my idiotic State that did this. The only reason those kids were returned was due to all the National media attention. If there was any type of real threat from a family member the FBI would have stashed them somewhere with the Mom. BUSTED CPS