Saturday, October 10, 2009

CPS Steals Another WA Family Of Kids...Judge Kessler Steps In


Seattle Times

A judge ordered state Child Protective Services to return seven children to their mother in Seattle in a case that had prompted Muslim protests against foster care.

King County Juvenile Court Judge Ronald Kessler said Wednesday the children could return home as long as the woman's husband stayed away. He was arrested for investigation of molesting a girl who visited the home.

The Seattle Times reports Ethiopian refugee Asha Gobana said she would respect the restraining order even against her husband's wishes.

The children, ages 2 to 14, were removed from the home last Thursday. More than 100 members of the East African Muslim community protested Friday outside a DSHS office against placing the children in non-Muslim foster homes....


An accusation against the father is made and the answer to that is to remove all of the kids. Judge Kessler decided it was better to remove the father. If I know CPS...they will insist that the father stay away even if he is found innocent. I am not even sure charges have been filed against the dad.

In these story lines there seems never to be any concern at all for the emotional well being of the mother or her children. Really...Split the kids up and shove them into foster care for an undetermined period of time? What does the mother do...go crazy while they do this? If the dad committed a crime then he should be charged, tried and convicted. Leave the family intact. Quit ripping families apart. There may have been racism involved in this case. But, all races, all people, should rally in suppoort of families when things like this happen.


Anonymous said...

umm the mother's poor judgement led her to inviting this guy into her life, have sex with him, multiple times, without birthcontrol - leading to 7 children.

One major problem in "the system" its the bias against men and the overplaying of the victim card by women.

Lets tie her tubes at the very least. 7 children is plenty for people with such bad judgement ?? she has been prenatal for the majority of the last decade...

I bet we've been paying for them too. Shes prob a welfare leech working at burgermart..if she is working at all.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Senator Roach. I know depending on the minute, I get SOOO frustrated that there seems to be no help for our family. The Senator in our district never answers my emails and we have no help at all except for our attorney and thankfully the parent`s attorneys. That`s why I turned to you to begin with and you keep saying to contact our local Senator. She won`t help or at least she`s not done even what you have done for us by presenting even a little bit of info to Sec. Dreyfus. The grief of missing a child is the most horrible thing anyone could go through. And,I was told by our attorney on Oct. 2nd that our niece is not doing well in her placement and the foster-adopt family doesn`t want to adopt her now. Not that they should have that decision anyway. But, our attorney was told that by the State`s attorney and yet the baby is still not back with us. I think everyone turns to you because you truly care and want things to change but you can`t do it alone. You are right that maybe the newspapers or possibly the media should do more on children being taken without cause. Unless a person has or is going through it,I don`t think it is understood the amount of pain that the families endure. It`s a daily struggle to have to wonder what is going through the child`s mind and the abandonment they must feel. To know our neice is banging her head against the wall, pulling her own hair out and saying she`ll be good if she can come home is the worst kind of torture to have to live with when you can`t do anything to help her feel better.

Anonymous said...

Off topic somewhat, but did you know that CASAs can use alias names? They are having a conference in Spokane on the 16th and 17th. The registration says that they can use their CASA alias names for everything but a certain section of the registration form.
Interesting. I guess they really do NOT want openness.

Divotdawg said...

I so wish I could say I'm shocked and appalled by this but the truth is, nothing CPS does surprises me anymore. They break up families all the time. They do it because they can. They think they have the power of God. The problem is, we allow them to think that because we are terrified of them. They legally kidnap and sell our children, how can we NOT be scared out of our minds?

The best thing a parent can do for their families is to empower and enlighten themselves and to know what to do and what not to do once CPS comes a-knocing. These people are corrupt and out of control. They steal kids, terminate parental rights and sell them on the foster/adopt market.

You know what makes me really angry? That's the 5th time tonight I've written that same exact sentence. I feel like a broken record. All I ever do is tell people the same ol thing, day after day after day. And if I try to tell people this in person, they roll their eyes and say yeah, right. CPS doesn't do that. They do good work. Maybe in utopia they do but not in the world in which I currently reside.

I was actually called cranky and ignorant yesterday. Hey, the cranky remark I can live with although it's more like royally pissed off than cranky but the ignorant remark, oh, hell now. I wish I was ignorant, blissfully ignorant of the ways of social services. That's just not my reality and I have to live in the real world.

So I will continue fighting for parents' rights, helping to empower and enlighten them and while I'm at it, I'll try to get the general population to listen to me too. Unfortunately, they don't come looking for us until the need us and then it's too late...way, way too late!

Justina said...

Senator Roach, you have no idea at how we the people of Washington state feel that you are THE ONLY SENATOR that gives a damn about this corruption.

Here I WAS a devout feminist and I voted for Obama, because I felt that it would bring "the change" that would wipe out the corruption that's infested our judicial system and social department. What a bunch of lies I believed!

I don't care what political race that the ones that sit in the seat of power come from anymore. I am not taking sides with either political race or group anymore. I stand as a law abiding and concerned citizen of the United States...period!

And, out of all the politicians that I have had interaction with, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE that listens and accepts your duty of a senator serious enough to pro-actively do something to end this horrible corruption.

I know I speak for others when I say thank you for being the leader and much respectable woman. It's great and relieving to witness a politician who has the guts to stand up against the corruption in the system you work in.

One day, with all of us forming our own alliance and work as a team to help you destroy this corruption in our system, we families can see real justice bring our families back together, to live out the rest of our lives in peace.

I don't want my sons to go through anymore physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse by their father anymore. They are so messed up in the head and angry boys as it is and they both have socializing issues with their peers at school. I fear that their anger might turn them to be criminals later as adult men.

To get this system to care and remove them from their father before it gets to that point, is like asking for a dead elephant to breathe. But, the system keeps my sons and I in this hell, because it generates a continuing income for all involved whenever I have to use any particular department within the system to get help for my sons.

I have a dream that one day, my sons and I will see the day that a law abiding and caring system will be established, and that it will protect our human rights to live life free of our abuser's control, and set us free to live life together feeling safe and to share our unconditional love with the other.

Again...thank you!

Justina said...

Dear Readers,

I have said this a few times since I have been posting my comments to Senator Roach's blog...we can sit behind our monitors and gripe about this all we want and I am grateful for this venting venue.

However, we are going to have to get out of our homes and form an alliance as Washington state's watchdogs.

We have to start getting out there to stand united to protest and rally against the corruption in our system, right in front of every dang office where there are known workers in the system guilty of corruption.

We need to make a huge noise and demand that real and honest justice be honored above money and power. We need to grab the attention of the media...rather it be radio or televised stations...and get them to report what we are doing.

Yes, I know you people are tired and exhausted and full of pain from the hell you are going through. So am I! I absolutely know what y'all are feeling and it feels like as if we've all been stabbed a million times in our hearts.



Senator Roach is a Super Hero for sure, but it is not humanly possible for her to do this without our help. We need to shake Washington state up by making our presence known to those spawns of corruption, expose them for what they really are in front of them, and bring exposure to everyone in this state, and cause a holy uproar like no other in this state.

The real change will come when we band together and bring that change to manifestation. Again, I am going to ask, who will join me? Come on, we need to do this! Besides, do you know how good it will feel to do something pro-active and productive like this? It will be cathartic each time we make a step forward towards this great change we are crying out for, and give us the energy we need to fight our individual battles.


AckleyMom said...

I gave my children to the state willingly to in return receive a 15 minute "visit" behind a two way mirror. Basically I got to LOOK at them.
For almost 3 years I missed them. Until desperation set it.

The only other place I have witnessed such desperation..was at my best friends funeral when I was 10 years old. He was 9. At the gravesite his mother sobbed and attempted to jump into the grave as they lowered him into the ground. She was screaming "I just want to see him one more time, I will do anything!!!". This was unfortunately the exact same emotion I felt, and lived.

But instead of one. It was all of my children. I let them go away forever. Never to be seen again. (sound similar to death?)
Just to see them all- one more time.

Now this is what the state has done to me. I lost my soul, my mind, my will to live and love. I dont know who I am anymore after the horror I have been through.

I stood just inches from my children...they were just out of my reach. They didnt even know I was there. That was it. That was goodbye.

I hope you post this Pam. Let the world know what they have done to me. Please.