Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Families Are The Foundation Of Humanity

This little grouping of kids is awaiting grandparents. Before Jim and I get there I want to tell John and Claire how grateful I am for their parenting. All my kids are great parents. I could brag a book. But, in contemplation let me mention what it takes to parent well. I hope you will add to the list in the comments.

1. The willingness to teach right from wrong. In the world today that teaching must come from the home. Do not rely on others to teach this. And remember that the best teaching is done by example.

2. Discipline with love. The object of discipline is self-discipline. Remember that you discipline the act. Don't go after the soul of the person. Never name call: "You are so stupid. You are so clumsy. You don't care about your sister (uncaring), etc. Kids will believe those labels. Try instead, "We don't do that! It will break." Catch them doing something good and compliment them. "Thank you for helping Jack. That is such a good example to Miri."

3. Spend time with your children. Read to them when they are young. Listen to them when they are talking to you. Play the games children play.

4. Set goals with your children and help them meet them. Sometimes they won't even know the goals are set. I taught all of my five children to read before they entered kindergarten. They just knew it was time for fun. One summer all the kids entered a project for the county fair. Ribbons are not just for the hair.

5. Tell them you love them. Often.

6. Teach them about their heritage.

7. Teach them cleanliness. Clean the room, brush your teeth kind of stuff, but also clean thoughts, clean deeds, clean motives. We do the right things for the right reasons. Not just to avoid punishment or to meet certain goals...but because it is the right thing to do. Purity. And do better the next day if you aren't there yet.

8. Teach your children thrift. Think poverty. Would you be wasteful if you were poor? No. So let's respect what we have and learn to share with others. Money is not the root of all evil. Timothy is often misquoted. "The LOVE of money that is the root of all evil." So, let them know it is OK to accumulate wealth.


Anonymous said...

To the person praying for the grandmother....Thanks! God sent several Christians over a week's time to talk to my daughter. She says she wants to go back to church now.
Even while doing a garage sale, a black female minister, Holy Ghost annointed on fire front lines warrior woman of God came by and prayed for me. Keep praying. Thanks.

strawberryblonde said...

I keep a sign posted in my home which reads "Perfection in Progress". There is always room to STRIVE for improvement.

Anonymous said...

Set an example to live up to and how to surpass it

Be human - teach that people do fall down and fail sometimes, and then teach how to fall right and get back up

Teach them Judo - the art of redirecting and absorbing the energy around yourself and others

Allow them to be wild and free and young from time to time and that this is ok even for adults

In addition to teaching your heritage, do so in a manner that portrays a competitive respect if not an acceptance or understanding for others

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pam, from your favorite councilwoman! Well, we will see how this hearing pans out on Tuesday, won't we. We have the State, the CASA, and the Judge! One part wants my grandbaby to come home, and within that part, I have a great enemy! The other part is objecting, and last part just doesn't like me at all, so how well do you think we will do? When all in all, ...all work together? Who will be the fall guy?... The child, the sister and me. I pray that I am wrong, wrong, and wrong again. How messed up can a system be? I have always wanted to believe in my state government. Boy, have I had cold water thrown in my face! I'm awake!

Anonymous said...

Teach your children self respect. When a child or especially has self respect. They will carry that quality over to respecting others
Children need to know they are good.

Anonymous said...

I was considering a couple of scriptures on this topic. "Love is patient and kind". LOVE IS PATIENT AND KIND. (ICorintians 13:4)The other is, "If a brother be overtaken with a fault, ye which are SPIRITUAL exhort such a one in a spirit of meekness." (Galations 6:1)
To summarize poor parenting, weakness within the family has the core of impatience and unkindness. The reason for the need of spirituality to be the center of exhortation is because that is where wisdom lay. This is why CPS and the court fails in their endeavor to protect children. There is no patience, there is no kindness, there is no wisdom, there is no love.
The power structure within the child protection sphere looks like a mushroom. The parents are at the bottom at the tiniest point with all stakeholders towering overhead. If one researches the strategy of the stakeholders you see that it is all about strengthening the prosecution. There are few defenses for the accused but the path to strengthening prosecutorial litigation has wide parameters.
So, from a biblical standpoint, just who is it that stands before God accusing people day and night and who does that remind you of?
If they are patterning themselves after the approach of this entity, then the objective is not bringing finances into the state, but to destroy the family and weaken resolve. In this is the opportunity of absolute evil to control. A destroyed and traumatized people will accept any promise of relief and peace.
In order to preserve our nation, the family in its entire lineage needs to rally together unwaveringly. Because there is strength in lineage, the government has silenced extended family. In the entire family there are numbers and numbers of banded together individuals equals power.

I like what was said above, "children need to know they are good" and patience coupled with kindness is what teaches them that.