Saturday, October 3, 2009

State Dept. Briefing On Honduras Yesterday

MR. KELLY: Honduras?

QUESTION: Yeah. Are there any restrictions on official U.S. contact with members of Micheletti’s de facto administration?

MR. KELLY: Well, as you know, we don’t recognize the regime of Roberto Micheletti, and as such, we have only minimal contact with his regime, particularly senior members of his regime. We have imposed some visa sanctions on some members of that regime. But at the same time, of course, we are very eager to find a solution to the ongoing conflict and try and reach a solution that restores the democratically elected president to power.

So we do have contacts with representatives of the regime in order to help advance that goal, and of course, we have an Embassy in Tegucigalpa which is very actively involved in facilitating the OAS mission to try and find the solution.

QUESTION: Thank you.

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