Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama Had No Business Interjecting The Presidency Into Olympic Site Selection

The rest of the world does not root the United States on to victory. And the Olympic Organizing Committee doesn't like it when the arrogant walk onto the playing field expecting everyone to give them extra points. What was Obama thinking?

The fact of the American President showing up with his billionaire friend to interfere in the process probably lost more points than it gained the City of Chicago. Obama and Oprah made themselves clay pigeons at a trap shoot where everyone shoots 499 of 500! The committee couldn't resist!

The countries of the world root for their own teams in the Olympic Games. And, they root for acceptable underdogs in the placement of the events.

I wonder if Brazil is making money in another way with the help of the president. What did Brazil get for sneaking Mel Zalaya back into Honduras and harboring him in their embassy? They didn't do that for nothing.

The game Obama is playing in Honduras has much higher stakes than his embarrassing attempt to bring the games to his hometown. He should have left the bidding up to the locals...just as he should have left Honduras up to their locals. Shall I say it? OK. I'm sorry. Obama can't metal when he meddles.

Notes on Brazil: I have been to Rio de Janeiro. There are massive areas of slums clinging to the sides of the hills as you drive in from the airport. Maybe that will change for the Olympic views of the city. But, Sugarloaf and the Cristo Redentor are magnificent. And, you can still see the girl on Ipanema Beach! Son, Captain John, served an LDS mission in Brazil. We toured the country after he was released from his duties there. John is fluent in Portuguese which is a beautiful, melodic language. There are more people who speak Portuguese in South America than speak Spanish.

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