Sunday, May 23, 2010

America's Most Egregious Domestic Sin...And Reader Tim's Suggestion Of Criminal Court

Taking a child is, in some cases, necessary for the safety and life of the child. There is no disputing that. But, in WA State and other states, children in poor families are targeted for taking when there has been no accusal of abuse and when good relatives who want to raise the child are lied about in court to prevent relative placement.
This is the most egregious domestic sin of American government: lying to take a child from a good family and giving the child to another. This is the redistribution of America's is the ultimate theft.

Deep pocketed government targets poor families because they have no resources for defense, have no political connections, and because there has been an order placed by a foster-adopt person. The state fills the orders and gets federal money and political rewards to do so. And, when there is a demand to fill orders there are jobs created by government.

Many DSHS children's employees should be taken from the task of harvesting children and placed on the other side of the spectrum. One child per day DIES under the auspices of CPS. Instead of stealing kids from the Stuths, the Willards, Councilmember Mowery and about protecting children?

Tim says: "We pray incessantly that those, like you, who hold positions of power, would continue to seek and bestow wisdom. Like you, Pam, we follow the path of
righteousness, always striving to balance justice with mercy. Many CPS
unfounded accusations and reports have traumatized countless innocents. WE MUST
legislate these cases out of civil court and into criminal court where they
truly belong. Our constitutional 14th Amendment right to Due Process seems to
be tragically overlooked for a capitalist agenda. Thank-you for your steadfast
leadership." (Tim gave his first and last name...something that the defenders of the current system NEVER do to this blog.)


Anonymous said...

FREE California attorney Robert Fine who proved that all California courts have a conflict of interest in regards to any ethical adjudication and are bribed paid to rule in the states vested interests.
The supreme court is stymied, refuses to hear his case and cannot even offer a cogent reason.
DITTO Washington State

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