Friday, May 21, 2010

We Hear From A Defender Of The System....

Referring to the previous post, I received a message 5-20-10 that rather than put in the comments I will post.

It said: "I assume you did some checking to verify all these allegations? DP"No DP...not on this one.

This is not my story, it is the testimony of someone else. But after researching many cases I thought I would post this as a reminder that the bad is still happening within CPS. Nothing has changed there.

I asked both Susan Dreyfus and Denise Revels Robinson just the other day if anyone had lost a job for lying to the court in the in-home studies with which I have carefully monitored.

There have been no firings, no disciplinary action has been taken. There simply is no action taken when falsified material is set on the judge's desk. And, you know, the judge can only deal with what has been submitted along with testimony of course.

There is absolutely no concern for the fact that relatives, who lack standing in court, are often lied about and can not defend themselves because they HAVE NO STANDING.

So...DP...(Or RJ or GE or FU or whoever you are) why don't you come out of hiding behind the anonymity of a blog comment and show your face? Hmmmm? Why so sarcastic? DP? Are you there? Call my district office 253-333-4918 and arrange to meet with me.

So, DP, the grandmother making the statement in the previous blog has given me her name and contact information. Her story is very consistent with all the other accounts that I personally researched. This one is written by "Concerned Grandma," not me. Shame on you "DP" for knowing what you do and not standing up for the truth. How pathetic is that?

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