Friday, May 28, 2010

Normandy Beaches

I took this picture of Captain John at Pointe du Hoc, an outcropping overlooking two of the D-Day beaches. 225 American Army Rangers had to scale the sheer cliffs to gain control of the German guns. Only 90 of them made it.

As we get closer to Memorial Day I have looked at a few pictures from one of my trips. This is the cemetary at Normandy Beach. Sadie knows what happened here. We toured the museum, the cemetery and the beaches. Normandy is almost 3 hours west of Calais where the ferry is that took us to England.

I stood here with my sons, Representative Dan Roach and Captain John Roach. It had been a life's dream to actually be on this spot. And, there I was, sharing this experience with people that I knew felt the same way I did about what happened there.

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