Friday, May 21, 2010

Important Info Generated By The Likes Of DP

Another anonymous comment from a reader:
"It should be noted that at the recent Braam panel hearing that Denise mentioned an upcoming federal inspection the week of Sept 13 and intended to increase judiciary involvement as was required by federal law.
Denise should also note that citizens will be involved in this as well because of the constant perjury with malice and forethought (with proof, DP)"

Editor's note: I am interested in the part about citizens being involved....will the writer of this memo either call or FB me with the details? I always like it when citizens can be involved....rare thing...I know.PR

Hey..great...our honest reader continues. You will have to cut and paste the info that is provided.

Reader says: "So, here is the information regarding the review process for people who want to provide information to the inspection committee:
I have some information regarding the review coming the week of September 13. It is the Child and Family Service Review (CFSR) and here is a link describing their purpose: http://www.acf. /cb/cwmonitoring /recruit/ cfsrfactsheet. htm
Finding an email or who to contact is near impossible but here it is:

For further information about the Child Welfare Services and Promoting Safe and
Stable Families programs, contact: Vicki Wright at (202) 401-0406, email:
For more information about the Child and Family Services Reviews, please visit
the Children’s Bureau website at: http://www.acf. /cb

Also: info@childwelfare. gov

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