Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Senator Rosa Franklin To Retire

There will be no difference in the makeup of the Senate when Sen. Franklin's seat is filled. Hers is a hard D district. But there certainly is a big difference in the letter she has sent her colleagues compared to Sen. Fairley's as documented here. Thank you Rosa for your service.

Hello Colleagues and Staff,

A recent family meeting the decision has been made that it’s time for me to move on. Twenty years has been a roller coaster ride, had its high points and low points, beautiful scenery and mud puddles. All said and done it was worth it all. Now I am saying “operator let me off this ride – it is someone else’s turn”. Everyone should try it once!

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve the people of the 29th District and the State of Washington. I do believe that my time was well spent and my being in the legislature made a difference. In fact, that is what supporters, constituents, family and friends tell me. Thanks to each one of you for contributing to a productive and exhilarating ride.

It is difficult to say that I am retiring from the Senate; therefore I’ll just say that I am not seeking re-election. I will miss the fast pace of legislative sessions and the debate on public policy. I plan to continue working to make our communities, state and nation live up to the principles on which they were founded and that the constitution represents all of us and not a select few. Remember always to be brave and take risks. That is the only way change is made.

Again, thanks, it has been a pleasure to serve.

Senator Rosa Franklin

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