Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mark Your Calendar: July 24th, Republican Rally At Roach Ranch

Please join Jim and me and our special headliners:

Attorney General Rob McKenna,

State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders,

King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn,

King County Councilmember Pete Reichbauer,

Initiative Guru Tim Eyman

Candidate ? Dino Rossi,

and local dignitaries... WOW! And, it will not be complete without YOU! We are near Black the country. And, yes, I may give a tractor demonstration!

What: BBQ, Country Music, Soap Box Speeches, and Reelection FUNdraiser

Where: Our farm in rural Auburn

When: July 24th, 1-3 PM

Who: Citizens who want a more accountable and open government!

How do you sign up? Contact or see the next blog for more info.


Anonymous said...

I was invited to be a guest speaker at the DC Family Preservation Rally but I have so much going on here, that I may not go. If not, then the money I would have spent on the trip, I will donate to your election campaign.

Please, please, everyone who can pitch in to her re-election. She is the only one who cares what happens to us and our families. Even if it is just a small amount, every little bit helps.

It appears I will be there at your ranch.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jan Smith. It is so important to have even one person so willing to speak up for us. She helped us. Of course, she couldn`t correct the situation but was willing to speak up on behalf of a small child. I`m not sure how we got through it emotionally. I know I felt everyday like somebody was slowly squeezing my heart. I was afraid I would truly die from a broken heart. The child is home but there is some permanent emotional damage for our whole family. For me, it is knowing there are people in this world who have absolutely no feelings. It`s hard to trust again. The healing will be a long process. You can`t imagine the pain unless it were to happen to you. We don`t want it to happen to you. We need Senator Roach. She is the only one fighting. The kids need her!!