Sunday, May 23, 2010

Correcting The Seattle Times

Alas, it was Andrew Garber who yesterday wrote:

"Ten years ago, Republicans held 12 House and Senate seats in a swath of suburban districts that run from Mill Creek in Snohomish County, down the east side of Lake Washington and south to Auburn. They've lost all those seats except for one, held by Rep. Mike Hope, R-Lake Stevens, in Snohomish County."

Note: I am from King County...Auburn... and I won my race in 2006. It was a tough race. My female trial lawyer opponent had $500,000 in direct contributions and in independent expenditures spent on her behalf. She lied. And, she campaigned door-to-door like a banshee with her tail on fire. But, Andrew, she did not win.

(I called and left a friendly message for Andrew...and invited him to the picnic. ED)

Andrew has responded and said that he used a map that did not include the 31st so he didn't write about it.

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