Saturday, May 29, 2010

BIG Signs :o)

One of my dear friends just asked in the back room of this blog how they could get one of those 4 by 8 foot "Reelect Pam Roach" signs that are popping up along the highways of the 31st district.

Let's just say..."I know a guy!" :o)

Give me a call and we will bring one over...I have been doing lots of doorbelling and haven't been as social as I like to be!


Anonymous said...

I picked up a stack of voter registrations and I can get more

Anonymous said...

Do you need help with anything? I can come out there are distribute flyers, set up a table or whatever.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

bring it over anytime!! Anne-Marie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pam...We love ya..wish you had been with Jim! I got some pics as the sign was being done, will send them on when I get a chance, Anne-Marie