Monday, May 10, 2010

Things Are Not Over In Honduras

I still worry about Honduras. The U.S. supported attempt for the Chevez influenced government to take over Honduras failed against all odds. But, the ship is listing with great debt and the destabilizing events of the attempt. One of my contacts writes:

Writing about the political situation in Honduras is becoming dangerous,
as much as doing news about the narcos, because either side can get you as
a target. But there also seems to be a lack of determination, at this
current time of the year, most of us involved in fighting from the digital
trenches have done *nothing*, while the dictatorship from the south is
regrouping, has a foreign policy in place against Honduras and won a great
victory over those lands in the Bajo Aguan.

Instead what once was the WHITE SHIRT MOVEMENT is in disarray, leaderless
and under siege by the very government we supported and voted for.

In the end...Obama may get what he wanted.

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