Monday, March 8, 2010

Alexis Stuth Bill In Conference

Today the Senate voted "not to concur" with the House amendments. We will now see if something can be worked out. Session ends on Thursday night.


Lisa said...

Why is it so difficult for this state to pass a bill into law that makes sense, and will help the children and families. Other states seem to have their heads on straight when it comes to issues like this, look at Idaho. My question is: why isn't the GOVENOR speaking up about this subject with all the DSHS discrepencies being brought to light by the media,complaints and law suits being filed!!! Seems to me that she would definately have something to say as a woman, mother and the leader of our state!!! Come on Gov., make some waves and do something for the families and the children in this state. SENATORS, quit making it so difficult and pass this bill!!!

Anonymous said...

Folks there is a FEDERAL BILL:

"Fostering connections to success...."

Which does provide KIN and RELATIVES standing when dealing with Child Welfare. Signed in 08 by Bush administration.

Read this Q & A about the bill. Relatives entitled to cash, also, for caring for kin.

If you are shut, out notify your ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY. Either someone is lying to you, or possibly Washington did not sign onto the bill

Anonymous said...

To the person above..Guess you don't know that our fine Governor is a former CPS social worker she knows the ins and outs of the evil doings of CPS. Why would she help us? Those are her people! It is all about money. The Feds give it and the state wants it. Simple as that...!

Anonymous said...

How do we find out if Washington signed into the bill?

Anonymous said...

Washington did sign on to the bill but is trying to add to it by giving foster parents equal standing thus kicking extended family to the curb again. They are also not advertising or training state workers on how best to use the new federal standards. In addition, new bills signed off last year but being implemented this year, enable CPS to demand that anyone watching a child can be subject to their whims of referral to services of all types and varieties. I predict this will be used to eliminate most extended family eventually from having placement by requiring exhaustive services same as what they do to parents.

By the way, I think I figured out a way to fund my big ideas. Seen as how I have a penchant for writing, I developed an idea for a novel regarding CPS. It will be a real page turner and bring in all the weakness of the system along with the state and federal Constitutional violations. I hope to have it finished in a couple of months then self publish. I am losing weight and getting ready for an in-the-public lifestyle.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

There are many laws but without people to enforcement they are absolutely useless. Money talks and cowards walk. Our state is so far into the 50's you could call it "Washington Burning". If the person who said "fostering to connect a success" is a relative and had success I'm glad but that is not the case for people I talk to everyday. Just try to go up against CPS/CASA and fight for your relative. You will be labeled and you will not be successful. I will never give up the fight but...this states total disregard for the law (Hey Washington there is a Constitution} and disregard for their most vulnerable citizens is hearbreaking.

Betty Johnson-tomlin NCGCR