Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Do Senator Margarita Prentice And The "First Jim" Have In Common?

We could probably come up with several things here but the thing I was thinking about...and therefore what the right answer happens to be... is that they are both crossword puzzle geniuses!

Never one to sit around, Margarita has been known to plow through the hardest ones with ease. She laughs when you express admiration saying it just takes practice. She's humble...and a great person.

Jim is pretty good too. Last night I gave some effort to an L.A. Times puzzle and left it underneath the table lamp by the TV. Okay...I maintain it was not my best effort. I was tired and went to bed.

In the morning there was the filled in puzzle resting in the middle of the easy chair and very conspicuously placed I might add. The "First Jim" is not subtle.

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Anonymous said...

maybe last years articlescould be rerun..and this years comments added..there has been no change...cps is still lying about all our children.
Friday, April 17, 2009
Spokane Paper Covers Hearing
Child Protective Services denounced. Lawmakers hold meeting agency’s practicesRichard Roesler
Staff writerOLYMPIA – Lawmakers, parents and an Eastern Washington prosecutor on Thursday blasted state child-protection officials,