Saturday, March 27, 2010

Former GA Rep. Nancy Schaefer Found Dead

(Nancy was a leader in the movement to stop CPS abuses. Let us pray for her loved ones during this terrible tragedy. She was the mother of four sons and a daughter and had 13 grandchildren.)

Former Ga. Lawmaker, Husband Found Dead

HABERSHAM COUNTY, Ga. (MyFOX ATLANTA) - The bodies of former state senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, Bruce were found Friday at their Habersham County home. Both had been shot.

The announcement was made around 7:30 p.m. Friday on the floor of the Georgia General Assembly.
Six GBI agents were at the home investigating at the request of the Habersham County Sheriff’s Department.

The preliminary investigation is looking at the case as a murder-suicide, but Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesperson John Bankhead did not have further details.
"Preliminarily, it looks like a murder-suicide," said Bankhead.

Schaefer, 73, was a former Atlanta mayoral candidate, as well as a two-term state senator who represented the 50th District.

Schaefer left the general assembly after losing a north Georgia Republican runoff in 2008.

Schaefer founded Family Concerns, Inc. in 1986. The non-profit foundation focused on opposition to abortion and gay marriage and fought for the public display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings.

State Rep. Rick Austin announced Schaefer’s death to a packed House chamber Friday night and led lawmakers in a moment of silence.

“Nancy Schaefer was a great lady, and she served Georgia and her constituents with honor and grace,” Austin, a Republican from Demorest, said.



strawberryblonde said...

This is sad news. I wonder if they had a pact due to health issues?

Anonymous said...

They were both strong Christians and most Christians believe that if you commit suicide, you go to hell. This was a professional job. I do not buy into this propaganda about murder suicide.
May God have mercy on us all. We lost a true warrior and her family lost a best friend. I will keep them in my prayers.

Lovingfitfather said...

This is a tragedy beyond belief!
Nancy Schaefer a rare politician who prioritized children and family above the status-quo a magnanimous advocate and whistle blower against the prevalent moral turpitude of our Children’s Administration.
This is a sad day we have lost a gem amongst the mountains of coal that strew our political landscape.
This tragedy eclipses her largely unfruitful demigod like efforts to institute social justice. Nancy sought the truth and was castigated for her efforts. She was stoic beyond belief sacrificing her career for the plight of others she embodied what Children and Family Services only pretends to be.
A true national hero inequitably portrayed as an iconoclast.
Go in peace Nancy we will endeavor to fight the “Corrupt Business of Child Welfare” that you so graciously gave us the strength and will to stand up to… O:-)