Friday, March 5, 2010

Why The Democrats Kited A State Income Tax...

Senate Dems Use Audience Counters To Vote In Caucus...that is the rumor.

The reason to bring up the income tax? If it were to be on the fall ballot it would be a motivator for Acorn voters and the far left to get to the polls. With the new 2/3 vote Eyman initiative sure to be on the ballot and Democrats not likely to turn out to vote in November...putting an income tax on the ballot would create the class warfare needed to get D's to the polls. It won't work...Take away the Obama surge we saw at the polls in '08 and the D's will not have the same turnout in '10. They need those far left voters and the backlash was too great to even try another launch!

And...I can only tell you that I heard it on the Senate floor.

To count votes in caucus the D's have hand held counters like in the focus groups. (In fact, since no longer in use...they could be from the Obama campaign. Really! They aren't now being used so why not share!)

Our D's use the counter so no one has to expose themselves to the rest of the caucus. They have a huge majority but all the D's (except Omeig) who are in swing districts don't want to take the tax votes.

After the count is taken it is presumed that their leadership knows how close they are to getting a majority on a certain issue.

I am not sure if they used the counters before sending their press release on the income tax. If they did...I'm thinking one of the Republican counter intelligence people might have tampered with the switches. In any event...the more they talk about a state income tax the more voters are incensed!

I am a strong NO on an income tax and I don't think the clickers are doing a good job for them.


Anonymous said...

This isnt rocket science.

Individuals dont like to tax themselves. That is why the founding fathers created a representative democracy instead of a pure one. Someone has to make the unpopular choices that benefit the greater good.

I say take 50% of all republican money dedicated to campaign ads (no one actually chooses to watch those things) and put that money into hiring a professional who can find and bring in a leader.

Until you find someone 51% of Washington can really get excited about this is going to remain a one party state. Modern voters dont need tv ads if there is an actual candidate. The setting cant get any better but there isnt a player in the game.

strawberryblonde said...

One vote short on Saturday... One day longer we were spared the implementation of this terrible budget.