Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pam Roach Returns To Fight...Will Vote NO On Democrat Budget

Usually, I write late at night (it is 2:35 AM) because we keep long hours at our house.

Tonight, I have a jet lag issue :o) Jim and I went to see Captain John and his family directly after regular session ended. The trip had been in the works for months as JAG John managed to get some USAF time off.

The visit was not yet over and I cut my participation short to return to a "special" session in I can vote NO on a budget that raises taxes and does not get us any further in solving the state financial crisis that exists.

My political opponents, of course, were hoping I would not be around to vote. But, I have managed to do both: spend time with my wonderful family AND represent the voters of the 31st District.

I spent $2,155 of my own money (no taxpayer funds are ever used for personal travel) to get back here. Jim and I are not wealthy people. We both flew to the reunion for only $200 using my hard earned, over a very long period of time, AIR MILES.

The airline would not change my return date on my air mile ticket. They would not even credit me with the air mile return trip that I ended up not taking! Thanks Alaska Air Mile Program! So, I paid an exorbitant price to get back here! I was thinking of a line in the movie "Top Gun."

"You never, ever leave your wing man!" The truth is I go places where a wing man won't. But, I paraphrased it in my mind to get me back here.

In twenty years I have one of the best voting records ever. I missed a few votes this year because I was over in the House trying to work a deal with Rep. Kegi over CPS issues. Last year I was required to miss a day of votes for a skin cancer issue (covered here in PPR). When my dad was dying... I should have taken much more time than I did. That I didn't is a regret...and was one reason that I didn't totally cancel the trip to see John and his family.

State Senator Paull Shin (D-Edmonds) put it this way: "Your family comes first." Thank you Paull. It was the right decision to go. And, the family and I had a great time. In my mind it was also the right decision to leave my trip early and be here to vote.

Dear Readers...It was hard to leave the grandkids. I delivered the most fantastic tutu that Nordstroms had to offer for Sadie's 5th birthday. She danced all around the village house...singing songs she made up as she whirled and twirled. She thought she was a ballerina. She is magic to all of us. She is one of the reasons that I continue the fight.

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