Monday, March 8, 2010

Senator Tim Shelton Is A Stand Up, Stand Out Guy

After working Saturday and Sunday we were in today at 9 AM.

I called a radio station on the way in this morning. They were listing the Dems who didn't vote for the tax budget suggesting they had been let off the bad tax vote because they were facing tough elections this year. Of course that is true, but not of Democrat Tim Shelton. He REALLY DID OPPOSE THEM!

And, good for Tim! He is a stand out in his caucus. :o) Actually, the last time he ran for reelection his caucus campaign committee ran someone against him in the primary. In his Democrat district west of Olympia...the primary IS the race. So he fended off the D leadership. Then as if to make the point again...he ran and won a seat on the Mason County Commission! Yes, he holds two elective offices.

He's tall and unassuming. He is a forester, goes shrimping, and is well travelled. He is principled. Actually...that's pretty refreshing!

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