Saturday, March 27, 2010

Report From Grandfather Ron

Like many, Ron had a child taken in his family. His granddaughter was returned but the shock and trauma of how he and his family was treated by CPS has kept him involved.

Senator Roach

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While it's true there many fine foster parents, I thought it was ironic that the very day that SB 6416 "died," Carole DeLeon was released from Pine Lodge Correctional Facility. Her foster son - Tyler DeLeon died in 2005 on the day he turned 7. The autopsy showed he weighed only 28 pounds.
DSHS is paying more than $6 million for the children to receive counseling and treatment for the abuse they suffered.

Myself and everyone in my network will support future efforts to give extended family some kind of power in the Dependency Courts as they currently have none. One must wonder if a grandmother or uncle could have intervened in the DeLeon case and perhaps saved his life.

Senator Roach's previous comments ring true. "CPS and its leadership does not want to change the status quo. Denise Revels Robinson did not want it changed."

Personally, I find the most positive way to create lasting change was the Armstrong/Roach measure to break behemoth DSHS up into 4 smaller agencies that would be easier to manage and therefore more accountable.

Ron Tussey- Spokane


Anonymous said...

How is it that Denise Revels Robinson changed so many values across 1200 miles? Did coming to this state having to address the clog wearing, leg hair growing, fruitcakes in WA scare her into submission?
Denise, you come from the midwest and I know this state is a culture shock. But, you have the power to overcome all obstacles before you because God put those jewels inside of you to do so. Stand up for what is right and don't let the saltines take you down and force you into compromise. You know the family is the foundation of this country and of God's Word. Don't forget who is really in charge.

Anonymous said...

We would like to hear more of the fight and story from this family, many people need the happy endings to keep their strength up. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Well said...I,'m in favor of this break up idea but I think the argument against is that it would require the hiring of more government workers and another gaggle of lawyers and court dates when the agencies butt heads.

DSHS believes giving anyone else rights, like separating the care of children and adults, will create more chaos and conflict. Supposedly its "better" and significantly less costly to just keep all the authority under one umbrella.

In order to solve our problem we need to come up with a solution that treats kids as citizens not property while not multiplying the resources needed to support those rights.

In my opinion the way to do that is abandon the "family" custody model and create state boarding schools where there is a whole village to raise a child, many eyes to guard the guards, and no matter how screwed up the parents are they get to see their kids on the weekend or whatever so there isnt so much fighting over custody and contact. A lot of parents admit they are screwballs but still want to have some contact with thier kids. They are bullied by DSHS into a black or white, all or no contact scenarios..

Public boarding schools also solve a major education dilemma, where latchkey kids are not studying at home or have no support during the week. I beleive the lack of support outside the classroom is a big part of the falling test scores. But its not politically viable to point voters being crummy parents. If kids live at school during the week scholastic help is always available and even remodeled.

woo..sorry for the rant length heh

Anonymous said...

You know, Senator, as I read the comment above regarding boarding schools, it reinforces my belief that many in power are nothing but educated sociopaths who through being saturated in a barrage of trends, become conditioned to pathological thinking regarding social structuring. The arrogance and insensitivity is overwhelming. Just for info purposes, I perused the Yale list for recommended reading. It is real eye opening because most of the books involve learning how to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do. Shame selling is one of the bigger strategies and people need to become aware of the use of emotional situations to challenge freedoms for the purpose of destroying those freedoms. A sociopath reduces their victims to objects, and from what I can see, that is exactly what many in government and "child saving" are doing including the children they work with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
I have to agree with the person in the last comment.The DSHS/CPS
needs accountability and they need to have things more open instead of hiding behind the 1350-100 records and using these to avoid accountability and until that happens the children will be the ones to pay the price. And it is not about the children it is all about the money and who the winner will be in the battle as they think they are above everything and lying in court.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

This obstruction of justice is not about us at all or what we did or did not do. This is about what child the state and judges want and the fact they can get the child they want whenever they want. Do we give up, now that Nancy is gone, give in, or do our children mean that much anymore? This is only going to get worse folks and if we dont' stay on it, we lose and you lose.

Anonymous said...

Why actually the judges and witnesses freely admit CPS's criminal complicity and funding issues Blatantly right in the courtroom and the parent or family thinks there will be a just resolution.
This is chattel slavery.
It does not matter how immaculately you cared for the child nor how lovingly you nurtured the child and the fact that you never abused or neglected the child is immaterial.
As a matter of fact it doesn't matter if the child is being abused in State/Foster-Care.
The fact is Your innocent child/children are chattel of the state and they will be abused,raped or murdered and to top it off it will still be made to be YOUR FAULT even though you did nothing.
This is called impunity.
The State,CPS and The Foster-Care Industry along with all its so good sounding associated non-profits need to be made accountable for the egregious human slave trade they are actually engaged in.


Anonymous said...

Public boarding schools?...could they, soon after, become openly privatized like so many of the prisons or still be profitable for those of the board seated associated non-profits?