Friday, March 5, 2010

Alexis Stuth Bill

The bill is now in conference. If an agreement can be reached then there is a good chance we will have a bill. If not, then the bill will be left to die. Senator Hargrove and Rep. Kagi and a few others will meet. I will be there. Staff will be there. Think of it as an operating room with specialists around the patient. And for Pete's sake cheer up out there!!!! If we get a bill it will be a good one. If we don't get a bill it would have been a bad one! Like a good doctor...I will do no harm...and try to keep others from doing any :o)


Anonymous said...

If we dont get a bill, families get to spend another year or whatever being abused by government officials while the government officials responsible for regulating these things still get their paychecks and benefits.

Why is government allowed to spend months accomplishing nothing and still get paid for it ?

Anonymous said...

Question: What did the American Family do before the institution of Child Protective Services?


Pam Roach you are the champion of children and their families of which there are too few and even better yet you are vociferous and unrelenting against their exploitation and victimization by our onerous Child Welfare system.
GO Pam Go Pam GO

Anonymous said...

I recognize the complexities but they may sacrifice this bill because there are several other bills out there that are being pushed through that meet their objectives. They are going to make sure that extended family are kicked to the curb and by any means necessary.