Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There Is A New Lieutenant In The State Patrol AND Session Winds Down

Today, I went to the General Administration Building for the State Patrol's promotion ceremony. The room was packed and uniforms filled the back of the room. I was introduced and applauded. But, I was there to observe.

The highlight was seeing my son-in-law promoted from sergeant to lieutenant. His family flew in and we managed to get the front row! I am very proud of Mark. He is such a smart guy, hard working and a great dad! Congratulations, Mark!

I had a car waiting (it was MY car...a 2002 Alero being driven by my aide and friend so I wouldn't miss votes) and was whisked back to the legislative building only a few blocks away. Session is suppose to end in two days. It was here in the PRR that a special session was first predicted. (I am still hoping I am wrong!)

Taxes, taxes...its all about what form and how much.

Voting at this stage is mostly on concurrences. The House changed what we sent them and we have to either concur in the House amendments or not. Some of these votes are final passage. So...you have to watch what the House did to make sure you are voting the way your district would have you vote.

During the down time...some of us gathered in the Senate cafeteria. To get there you go down a narrow winding Harry Potter gray marble staircase to the second floor. Senator Karen Frasier (we traveled to China together), Senator Don Benton (candidate for U.S. Senate), Senator Tim Sheldon (we try to get away for an outside hamburger each year) and I told GREAT SENATE GOSSIP STORIES OF THE PAST. Yes...they were GREAT STORIES!

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