Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Foster Mother Attacks Senator Roach..Will Roach Fight Back?

I guess my little blog here has gotten under someone's skin.

A woman claiming to be the foster adopt mother of little three year old Lisa has filed an ethics complaint against me with the State Senate.

How does anyone know who I am talking about anyway?

I have never given the name of the foster mother (though it was stated in open court for the public to hear).

I have never uttered the real name of three-year-old "Lisa."

I have never printed the name of the biological mother.

I have never printed the name of the man for whom the foster adopt woman sought and received a restraining order. (The old boy friend with the GUN.)

I have never mentioned the name of the evil Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). We can talk about him later. Oh, by the way, my opinion is that he is evil. I have the right to an opinion just like any other citizen. (My opinion is shared by his ex-wife...well...at least one of them...I don't know about the others...but they are exes aren't they?)

I have never mentioned the name of the aggrieved grand-parents.

I have never mentioned the name of the aunt and uncle who passed an in-home-study in North Dakota and were ignored by the State of Washington...even though our state has a compact with ND.

I have never mentioned the name of the man who lists the foster parent address as his own.

All bets are off now. This is one state senator who will not be intimidated by a woman in cahoots with others to take a child from its good and loving biological family.

According to Mike O'Connel, Ethics Board Counsel... while the board itself must keep the complaint confidential until just cause may be determined:

"Neither you nor the complainant is held to this confidentially standard."

You see folks...I have been very polite. While I may not have been legally constrained, I acted without giving names just out of courtesy. And, I would never risk making a judge angry. I would never spend this much time on an issue that I didn't feel strongly about.

DSHS should be screening foster parents for basic living skills and background. Anyone this vitriolic and quick to temper should probably not be given one child...let alone TWO!

The self identified foster adopt parent has just brought me into this at a much different level.


Anonymous said...

Having gone through the Foster Care application myself, I remember seeing a few paragraphs about domestic violence and restraining orders. The very first question we were asked before the fingerprinting was "lets cut to the chase. Do either of you have DM or assault in your past?" If there are protective service reports,negative indicators,backround checks and law enforcement checks done, how does one still get a license for foster care? I know my state wouldn't allow it , but children in foster care here don't get beaten and killed.

Anonymous said...

stupidity -
a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience

inability - lack of ability (especially mental ability)

denseness, dumbness, slow-wittedness - the quality of being mentally slow and limited

dullness, obtuseness - the quality of being slow to understand
backwardness, mental retardation, subnormality, slowness, retardation - lack of normal development of intellectual capacities

This certainly explains anyone that thinks falsely slandering a foster parent will allow a birth family to get a child back. All it's going to do is get the child moved to another foster home causing even further damage to the child. Not something the birth family or pam roach cares about.

cc tillett said...

Dear Ms. Roach,

I am thrilled with your professionalism. Washington Families United has been following this case closely.

It is plain for all to see that this foster to adopt wants to sabotage this case. I am sure that she was told by someone within the department,about your interest in this case. So much for their confidentiality rules. They break them all the time. The department gets others involved so that they do not have to perform their own dirty work. They have probably promised this woman these children.

Ms. Roach, it is time to put on the fighting gloves.

All foster parents and social workers should have to take a PSYC. EVAL.

You have our support.

CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate

one315er said...

Well,halalua to the foster mother for bringing this to the public eye. Even though I'm sure that wasn't the intention. Now maybe in some obscure form someone will be held accountable and this little girl can be sent home to her mother.Who I bet doesn't have a restraing order against anyone.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog Senator Roach.Maybe you got under someones skin but at this point,I hope you have shamed so many people who need to resign and step away from these little children. Keep up and speak up for these kids!

Anonymous said...

I came across this in another blog and thought you may consider it. It tell where all your visitors are from. AWESOME blog.Keep defending the defenseless!!


Anonymous said...

Have I missed something?I've read this blog over and over and don't understand.If there are grandparents who had this child and she thrived,why is she not there?If the mother has put forth effort for her child,why is she not there?And there is an aunt and uncle approved for care,why is she not there?Who is standing in the way of the reunification?And just how is foster care justified.

Anonymous said...

We went thru the same garbage. We are the grandparents to 4 girls that were removed because "there was an immenant risk of poverty" with no anticipated change.

I had to fight for 17 months to get them when they brought forward a TPR; which was dropped upon getting a private attorney. No charges ever filed!

The fosters had a HUGE criminal record each, and showed up drunk in court 1 day!

But technically, under the Stste law here, if the kids had no legal parents, then legally they have no Aunts, Unlces or grandparents.

After thousands of dollars, we have 2 of them and the other 2 were sent home to their parents.

No I ask, how can the parents NOT be willing and able to raise them, but they are perfectly safe for the others????

Anonymous said...

Why didn't anyone think of the damage caused by removing the child....everyone worries about it after the fact.Further damage??? How much more damage can a State cause? And why? Keep up the good work Pam, someone has to speak for this and every other child in state custody. Someday these children will be adults and go looking for the people who took their life away. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully that local tv crew can shine some light on this! We all know how much DSHS seems to LOVE the press since they are in it so much.Too bad its never for actually saving a child.Its too bad laws are named after dead children because this child deserves one named after her to MANDATE that family be considered first.

saludevil said...

Cheers to you, Pam!

I won't go into the details because it would be a book but basically my grandkids were KIDNAPPED by CPS in Stark County Ohio from their decent, loving Dad based on absolute lies and then given to a drug-addicted foster woman.

It took 12 years and all our money to get them back. The damage done to my grandkids just so CPS and their entourage of greedy miscreants could get rich is just DISGUSTING! It boggles the mind of any intelligent person of CPS's atrocities and lies.

If this foster woman were a caring person she would know that children belong with their real parents. Her motives need to be investigated thoroughly. She seems to be nothing but greedy and self-serving. NOT a good person to be raising kids!

Please never give up fighting these souless, greedy creatures.