Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank You For Your Responses

Emotional subjects draw interest and response. Thank you for both.

I am publishing most of the comments but if they are a bit long I have read them as letters to me rather than blog responses. I haven't taken the time to edit comments to size.

To clarify for those who have asked....

Hear me now: The department does not want this child to go to ANY relative. All relatives...good relatives...have been arbitrarily taken out of the running.

The Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) does not like the grandparents. He liked them at first...but they complained about their daughter's living conditions and then it was down being thrown out a window. He has yelled at them and threatened them. And, this CASA is an unelected judge, of sorts, and has the power to make decisions.

Hear me now....You have to figure out what the outcome of given activity will be to understand what someone really wants!

They say they want reunification but forbid the aunt and uncle.

Then they allow only five hours of visit time with the grandparents in one year.

Then they set an extremely high bar for the teen mother (one drink in 10 months!!!!)

The mother is accused of failing.

The state claims the toddler does not know her relatives.

After the "one drink termination" the state awards the child to the "back to back" day care foster parent.

Reunification is not the goal of DSHS/CPS. The goal is termination and a predetermined placement

The department tells me out of one side of their collective mouths...that they are working toward reunification. If that was really the case then they would not put all of their eggs in one basket...the 19 year old mother. And, they would let other relatives have a continued familial relationship with the child. That way...if the mother messed up...the child still has other relatives in her life.

So...if your goal is to reunite the means the whole family and not just the mother!!! And, you prepare for the fact that termination may occur and other family members are ready and willing to receive the child.

This is what the legislature, "in its wisdom" has decided. Absent any accountability....the culture of DSHS...steals children.

The mother, in this case, has grown up a lot. She has the support of a loving family. She should not have her child stolen by CPS, the CASA, and an unworthy foster adopt. This child belongs with her family.


Recession Exception said...

Yes, that is their goal in every state. And to say the least, where does all their funding come from, along with matching funds. Someone show us the money trail and we can go from there. Besides the drugging of the children, youtube, foster care children drugged Senator and you will see the horrible connection. The say they care about the kids, our kids, this is organized crime. They took my grandchildren away and I didn't even receive a call against me, came to my job, set me up and ran out the door with them two years ago, yet wrote up a report against biological parents, who they didnt' live with.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable...what a disgusting system!So much for the laws in place for children.How can they do this and never be called on it in public?Sounds like a huge lawsuit to me.All American tax payers need to know this happens.Thank you for putting this out there.

Anonymous said...

Even though the CASA and DSHS staff don't want her with family,do they actually have the last say or does the Judge now that she knows of family?It amazes me the power they hold.And where does the social worker come in?There is almost no mention of a social worker or is she just that irrelevant?Kudos to the Public Defender for doing their job and keeping things going even when overwhelmed.And hats off to you for breaking this out.It's good to see heart with politics.

Anonymous said...

People are waking up to the deliberate destruction of the family and its replacement with corporate parenting.

The natural mother- and a child only has one- is merely an incubator for them.

What they do is play God- because each child chooses its mother before it comes into being, so who gives CPS etc the right to go against the wishes of this fact and change the destiny of the child.

That is going to be one massive karma debt for these so called do gooders one day, when Lady Justice comes calling.

The Patriarchal system can show her blindfolded in NewYork, but she sees it all.