Wednesday, October 15, 2008

News Tribune In Tibet

I never got the picture sent in. But, the News Tribune was tucked away in my backpack last year at this time. I was a solo traveler to Tibet.

Here I am in front of the Potala, where the Dalai Lamas resided for hundreds of years and the current Dalai Lama would like to be now. It is one herkin (my word) tall edifice. And, at 10,000 ft. can be a killer to climb, which I did.

The Chinese presence is felt with every breath. They have a base in the middle of Lasha (capital). There are heavily armed soldiers at the airport. They do mean business.

A Chinese passport is not enough. You have to apply for and get a permit. I was turned down the first time. So, I changed my occupation (at a different agency) and got the document.

I was proud to take the free press to Tibet.

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How beautiful