Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on the stealing of a child

There is a three day trail. The grandparents have to sit outside of the courtroom. Inside, the state attorneys lie and tell the judge just about anything they can to get the child. That is the goal...GET THE CHILD. Not, do what is best for the child...not reunite the family...just get the child.

The 19 year old mother, who has never abused the child or done an unkind thing...walked out of the court room after the first days ordeal. She was crying. The state's attorneys had torn into her integrity, and given her little credit for anything... they want the child!

Still in tears, the mother walked to the corner of the hallway and threw-up.


one315er said...

I've been reading about this story. I'ts to bad in the USA in 2008. We still have so much coruption. Then when someone goes on a shooting spree,everyone wonders why. (HMMM)I wonder why,well this is the reason. To all you tax abiding citizens,stand up and take a stand.I applaude you for your honesty.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work! These children deserve a voice and a future.

Anonymous said...

iam so glad that someone is bring
out the ugly side of cps. they
need to be stop now before any
more good famiy is tore apart.

Anonymous said...

Perfect words.

Get the child.

Child snatchers like the olden days is all CPS is.

I wonder who trains them?? and what their curriculum is.?

Most social workers are very low IQ, but I guess not many know that.

Also,most have unresolved childhood issues of their own, which they project onto service users.

Like their parents did x and y so all parents are a danger to children, but they are going to make a diference and grab every child they can.

Again, the thinking that all parents are a danger to their children came from Hitler.

He believed all children should be removed from mother at birth, so as the children grew up without love, because then they would not be soft, but tough and ready for the military machine.

So, we do need to be asking more questions, as to where OUR money is being spent.