Monday, October 20, 2008

Today The Trial Resumes

(I edited this slightly to "get it right." The mother had never before tested positive for alcohol. Sorry for that error!)

After a ten day wait...the termination trial resumes today.
The state spent three days bashing the mother mostly with stuff that was heard last June. This time the issue is that the mother tested positive for alcohol. It was the first positive test for alcohol...ever! The mother weighs about 105 lbs. The test that was given was not for alcohol but for drugs (she tested positive one in 18 months for marijuana). The expert witness said the test was not reliable.

(Interesting note: while the mother has never had an alcohol problem the state has put her in alcohol counseling...for the money they get...and to better position themselves to take the child.)

The grandparents who raised the child for 9 months wait in the hall. The aunt and uncle who passed the in-home care study (that the state hid from the judge and allowed to expire) wait to hear the daily progress. The evil CASA has now spent 1,000 hours trying to take this child from her family. He has had a lot of practice. This was how he made all his attorney money in CA. (When he doesn't get his way he gets livid angry...he is a scary man!)


The Three-Year-Old remains with the single foster adopt who has also been given an infant boy by the state. Little Lisa goes to taxpayer funded daycare 50 hours a week. She stays in a home with an active restraining order out on a former boy lover of the foster parent. God only knows how many men go in and out the door. CPS sure doesn't know.

Lisa showed up at daycare with a black eye and CPS has expunged information from an email about the black eye. The day care worker point blank asked the child: "What happened to your eye?" The answer was expunged with a black felt-tip. (I saw this email.) The next time the department sent out the email the direct question was taken out of the email. They would have you believe that the question was never asked. CPS should come forward with the email. Let's just say that the cover-up tells me they don't like the answer the girl gave.

I have tried numerous time to get that email made public. DSHS/CPS is covering up and lying about the content of the email. They want that child!

The foster adopt says she has never been married. Yet her name is different than her maiden name. And, when you look her up in the white pages on see there is a man with the same last name listed at that residence. A man answered the door when process server went to the house. The man at the door said, "She doesn't live here." Who was the man? The foster adopt said there was no man at the house. Clearly...that is not the case.

The Foster Parent This is the woman who filed a complaint against me because she doesn't like this blog. (Really, it is just so much easier to take a child if no one knows anything about it...Right?) I believe in open government. We should know WHO would adopt our kids over the rights of GRANDPARENTS and OTHER RELATIVES. We are allowed to know nothing. And there is very little standard for who gets children.

This child belongs with her mother and with her family.


Anonymous said...

This poor child is the only person who is HONEST enough to tell what happened to her.And all the while her mother has her INTEGRITY ripped apart.Most people don't realize that after this termination is through,she will be mandated to work with the same CASA,social worker and other bottom of the barrel personel that ripped her apart.Somehow a brilliant higher up thinks if the same people work the same case it will stay hush hush.If this child has FAMILY out of state, she and her mother need to be moved before it's something worse than a black eye.By reading the papers in Washington,I'd say it needs to be done soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Senator Roach,
I believe I can answer the question that was posed to me earlier. My goal for this legislative session is to reduce staffing at CPS by as much as 2/3 and replace them with Family Preservation Programs supported, not with Social Security money, but local foundations who will commit for up to five years. The staff that is left should be specialists - CD counselors, mental health practitioners etc. and specialize in misdemeanors and felony cases only. In addition to changing the dynamics, it would also address the state deficit so proudly executed by our governor.
Also necessary is revisions in our RCW regarding relative placement and guardianships now that there is funding for guardianships.
As I mentioned to your staff,Disclosure Watch is now in Washington. We will be working on exposing and filing lawsuits with family court judges who have conflicts of interest. We are going to follow the money trail so to speak and who they are on boards with.
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families
Registered Lobbyist
Proud Republican

winon said...

what about me ? lost in Tacoma
this is the beginning to my nightmare and it continues.
Heres my video

Anonymous said...

found an interesting article everyone should read on the casa. I found this on making

Crystal said...

This is a very sad situation. I hope the girl is reunited with her family in some capacity!

Kim said...

It is nice to know there is someone fighting for this little girl. Many have been dragged through so much of the family services system that they have given up. Some have even been convicted of false charges and dispite evidence on their side are still in prison. This is a gross injustice that seems to be spreading and it's all for the $. The people who have been beaten simply couldn't afford the fight. Thank you Senator for standing up and letting everyone know you really want "the best interest of the child". We need more Senators such as yourself in office.

Anonymous said...

Why can't anyone be made to move mother and child for fear of further danger?Does noone have power over DSHS?

Recession Exception said...

Oh, sorry, by the way Senator, I wrote that story below. We are with you 100%. I forwarded your blog today across the nation. I am
Disclosure Watch U.S., Florida
We are investigating the money trail. Thanks.

Suncana said...

In recent years, there have been numerous stories in newspapers around the world about the failures of the departments of Family Services and Social Services to do their respective jobs of monitoring and assisting children in dangerous situations. Do we ever read about a child murdered by a family that the Department of Children & Families or the Sheriff's Office has not already investigated, usually more than once? What will it take to protect these innocent children?
Too many children have died as a result of wrong decisions by CPS. With power comes responsibility and accountability, which most officials ignore. A child welfare system so overwhelmed with children who DON'T need to be in foster care,the less time they have to find children in real danger.

The CPS is actually wrong on both sides more than half of the time. In fact, the figure was 80% by four different studies by four different independent organizations. The CPS took away children who were not abused nor neglected 80% of the time. The CPS passed up taking away children who were abused 80% of the time and left them in danger.

Let's NOT allow these precious children's death to be in vain - in the news one day, forgotten the next.
Children Who Didn't Have to Die - Website

one315er said...

Just who does over see DSHS? Who pays the CASA or are they volunteer? Why can't you get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Senator Roach for recognizing what is right and defending American families. I wish I had a way to help you beside my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Its the same in Canada, and the UK,
is this the only work left, soon we will be sending then to China, it will cost less , oops sorry we adopt/steal from China.
Time to stop the best interest of the child slogan and leave the children with natural families.
Just ask those that have by the grace of god, lived long enough to tell of the horrors after they have aged out! if they are able and not in prison, brain damaged by the over use of drugs for mental wealth, or sleeping on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want to mess these people up? The way to go about is for the family to create a free blog on here. THEN take pictures of the foster mother, the CASA worker and put them online with their names, where they work, what scumbag things they have done- all with documentation.

It can be video tape, or scanned pictures. The only way you deal with this type of people is to let them know that there is a personal price for them to pay for the evil things they are doing. They are bullies; you draw the line in the cyber sand and dare them to cross it.

Also, digital recorders are good too. It's easy to put audio files online.