Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Flushed Out A Heavy Handed, Government Loving, Bloodsucker!

Bingo! I got myself a yellow bellied bloodsucker. Unfortunately, they are not really rare and have little intelligence to even put up a good fight. But it is still fun to hook one. And, there is virtue in pulling them out of the barrel.

The bite came this morning in the form of a blunderous tug on my line. In it swam.. this double ugly bottom fish... to crudely comment on my opinions and me personally. And, of course, want to do that anonymously.

I didn't have time to comment, (I actually work for a living), and so I pulled it to reprint and comment on it later. I think everyone should see the mentality of someone who backs onerous government. The elitism in the letter is really so wonderful. It lets us all see the way these half-brained bottom fish try to reason.

I look forward to showing off this small fish to those who haven't seen something like this up close.

BEWARE: While insignificant alone...when they school in their quiet, lurking ways they can be very dangerous to your family.

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