Monday, October 27, 2008

We Both Studied For the Ham Radio Test...And

We Both Passed The Test!

Someone leaked the actual results and we were told that both Jim and I got the same passing score. Since we were given different tests...I am going with "mine was the toughest!" :o)

We will be assigned our call signs as soon as our results are published on line in another week.(I will try to get my dad's.) Radio Shack no longer carries ham sets so we will order our radios on-line. For a hand held unit you have to put down about $150. I will probably get something in the mid range.
November 5th at American Lake Veteran's Golf Course for disabled vets, I am chairing a hearing of the Joint Select Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs. The agenda will include a rundown on the status of disaster related communications preparation. Ham radio will be a part of the report.
Ordinary citizens, volunteers, are the backbone of emergency efforts on the ground. We have to have you helping. 10 AM sharp.


Anonymous said...

Where is this place located?

Anonymous said...

Great job!You don't hear too much on ham radios anymore.