Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Social Worker...Honest Worker???

Someone asked about the social worker in this case.

This was her first case and so was very easily influenced by the very experienced CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Remember, this CASA is an attorney from the state of CA who is now in Washington. Does anyone really believe that he came all the way up here to "volunteer" his services? I don't buy it!

The word is that the California CASA, Terry Colyer, worked with other attorneys and a judge to "move children" in that state. At least there are blogs and an ex-wife that report that. In CA he worked with an attorney who is now an attorney in a WA law firm and is now working with Colyer in this court case. Same gig, different state??

The CASA testified last June that he had spent 600 hours on this case. I believe him because I have certainly done that.

The social workers are working within a system of no accountability. That's why so many mistakes are made.

Get your arms around this one:

A private investigator was parked in his car outside Lisa's daycare. He was there to see if the CASA was going to show up at the visit to take place between Lisa and her grandparents. (The CASA likes to intimidate so it was likely he would be there just to make the supervised visit miserable.)

The social worker was 20 minutes late for the visit that was to last one hour.

Instead of staying another 20 minutes to make up for the lost time...the social worker just let the visit last 40 minutes.

I found out about this and called the "high up" to see what the deal was! The "high one" called the social worker and was told: "I was only 5 minutes late." I then conferenced-called the private-eye.(please see earlier report)

The grandparents were allowed the 20 missed minutes at one of their subsequent visits (and there haven't been many.) What discipline was given when an employee lied to a supervisor????? I'm guessing...none.

Social workers learn from the top. Robin Arnold Williams, DSHS director...personally notified me that the grandparents would hence forth have monthly visits. The visits have stopped

The trial resumes on Wednesday, Oct 22nd.


Anonymous said...

Most social workers do not know the meaning of honesty.

Their job- playing God- is to make the service users life as miserable as possible.

Most of the time they are busy "providing children" for the $$$$$$$ making industry, which they call child protection.

I have seen through 14 yrs of working in this system so much corruption and legalised abuse of children, that it makes my soul weep for the children and their families.
I have seen court transcripts "doctored" and in truth, unless I had been in there myself, I would have doubted the parents.
These secret courts- aka- Perjury Palace- to those in the know, must be opened to allow the light of truth in.

Lady Justice is Not blind, as these so called do gooders seem to think.

Anonymous said...

I hope Robin-Arnold Williams is as proud of herself as she is her staff!!!!!