Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Blog Exposes Foster Adopt Parent

While I have never mentioned the foster mother's you will remember...she decided to file an ethics complaint against me because I am working for my constituents. She wants me to take down this blog. She demands to know how I know what I do about her. Well, someone told me what I know and could prove what they told me! This woman's name was used in open court. I did not "out" anyone.

But, this high school friend of the grandfather went public when she filed that complaint. Before she filed it I could have used her name. But I didn't.

At the end of this blog I am going to post a link to a site that has information about this case. I did not write it. I did not research it. I do believe the information to be factual.

I have been threatened in a nasty email (unsigned) that the child would never go back to the family... and only on to yet another foster person. I believe that was the email of a DSHS employee. This person knew too much about the case to be anything but one of these conniving elitists.

I want the state to follow the law. I am asking nothing more than that DSHS be accountable to the law and for their actions. And....I believe that is what the public wants!

Unfortunately, DSHS is in the press too often. Children die (eight in Pierce and Kitsap county since the first of the year) because lawmakers and the public do not make demands! I am making those demands! And, I am being ignored.

I tried every avenue available to me to get Child Protective Services to follow the law and instead they have done everything in their power to take this child and permanently put her with someone else.

The system is broken on both ends. You know they can't get it right when it comes to taking kids from bad people. It should not be a stretch of the imagination to believe that they also take children from GOOD people.

The biological mother in this case had marijuana and liquor as a teenager...but not to excess. The child is not drug affected. So, how bad could the mother have been???

If the state terminated the parental rights of every unwed mother who had even one drink of booze in a period of nine months....we would be shipping bus loads of babies out to foster adopt families. And apparently exactly what they want.
Warning: this blog DOES reveal some of the names.


Anonymous said...

Should there be some sort of emergency hearing for all this new info? Anyone who writes in here that child would never go back to family and only another foster home shows intent to withhold a child.Does it not?The mother and child need to be taken from grasp of these people.

Legally Kidnapped said...

Great post.

Don't take any of that foster's crap. We need more people like you in this fight.

Anonymous said...

Pam, I'll bet you the state is defending the foster parent to the hilt. How about the grandparents? Do they have someone representing them in court? With your blog gaining so much attention has there been any law firms that specialize in this field step forward and offer help to the grandparents? From what I am reading here, if most of whats said is true, I can see this state getting hit with another HUGE lawsuit. If you will recall just last month dshs got hit AGAIN with another lawsuit this time for 45 million dollars. So far this year alone dshs forked out millions in lawsuits against them. So why are they risking it again with this case? Are they really making that much money keeping kids in foster care? Oh wait, never mind! that was a stupid question. Of course they are! to the tune of 14.8 million last year alone! SICK!!!!

Anonymous said...

May God bless you Pam Roach. CPS is out of control all over the United States. They think anything in their personal opinion "which is in the best interests of the child" trumps the Constitution of the United States.

Now if we could get some more like you brave enough to speak out. . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Wish my stomach didn't turn as I read it and thought of the little girl though.What a gut wrenching story.

Lawdoll said...

Senator Roach, I must say that I visited and I loved I especially enjoyed the sitepals. But anyone reading that and reading your blog would be able to tell that you are not the author of that site.