Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Melt Downs

#1 Bush
We are talking spiral here. Nothing seems to be going right for George.

#2 The '09-'10 State Budget Prospects
It will be like wading through warm butter. Nothing will stand up. The $3.5 Billion deficit will be made up in cuts/taxes. Every citizen will feel this...and it will be in a bad way.

#3 WA MU and other institutions
They were strangled to the ground by greed: Greedy management and greedy people who wanted more than they could afford and were not told NO. When the cave in started a lot of good people went down with it.

#4 Conan O'Brian
I'm sorry. This guy is just not funny! There is a thud of a difference in late night hosts. Carson was unbeatable. Leno holds his own, nicely. But O'Brian just plain pans.

#5 Mainstream media's effort to fake fairness
No pretense any longer. Even those easily fooled..can't be. The chart is flat. This baby is dead.

#6 Child Protective Services in WA State
Without integrity, nothing stands tall.

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