Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There Are No Natural Allies to Protect Families...They Are On Their Own

(I have received over 20 comments as of 11 AM today. Some are too long to print and I read them for background. Thank you. I will see if I can free up some time to comment on the comments!)

Another of the troubling things here is the fact that CPS is the only agency in government that has no natural predator.

If you are the Department of Natural Resources you have builders or logging companies who, through the court, will hold you accountable. If you are Labor and Industries, big business or labor unions will keep you honest. If you are Education...the WEA will keep you in line, etc. And, there is money at stake.

But, if you are mom and pop with a regular household budget...you are really on your own. As yet, I do not know how the Hispanic man (see earlier PRR) who has his termination case before the State Supreme Court got help. Attorneys generally only take a case if there is a pot of gold in sight. And, by that I don't mean the fees they charge...I mean the 30% they get when damages are awarded.

In any event....

The People have no over-sight of this area of government.

There is no motivation for anyone to help "troubled families"..ie: 'it must be their fault...they must have done something wrong.'

And, assigned free attorneys are no match for experienced government lawyers and the highly paid private firm lawyers that help the CASA (who can be hostile to the biological family for no reason at all).


Legally Kidnapped said...

Thank you for sticking up for us.

Anonymous said...

You said it all..
"it must be their fault...they must have done something wrong"

That is how the majority think and never question it.If CPS is involved in your life you asked for it and deserve what you get, you are not their kind of people. You are the less that perfect that they would not associate with any way so who cares!! They actually think the children are better of and are being saved!!
God, it makes me sick where is the compassion.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Senator.Thankyou for giving the innocent families a voice.Please help these children,you are their only hope..

Anonymous said...

I am attempting to start a program where attorneys unbundle their services, allow prepaid legal, and represent the accused at the informal removal hearing and the 72hour shelter care hearing. I was on the Washington State Bar Association web site and looked at their committee list. Yup, DSHS was on there. Were there any family advocates? NOPE. This means WSBA has a biased view brought in by DSHS against families. As a matter of info, WSBA has only four attorneys listed that do dependency cases for the whole state. As you might have guessed, my emailing campaign has produced no results. None of the attorneys that I sent letters to wanted to cross the barrior and represent parents. Alot of them like that adoption money, however.
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families