Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A.L.S.B. Coming Soon...One More chance To Review Oral Arguments

In this case an Hispanic father with drug issues was told he could reunite with his daughter if he went to drug classes and visited his daughter as outlined. He moved to California. He successfully attended rehab there. His mother drove him from CA to Yakima, WA for all of the scheduled meeting with his daughter thus meeting the criteria laid out by the court for reunification. The state terminated and adopted out to a foster-adopt...anyway.
Washington State Supreme Court held on June 24, 2008 2:30pm
Oral Arguments: In re the Dependency of A.L.S.B. (Did the court unconstitutionally terminate a father's parental rights without finding him unfit?)

Please click here to watch video or paste this url into your browser address bar: http://www.tvw.org/media/mediaplayer.cfm?EvId=2008060032D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing,Sen. Roach. I look forward to standing before these people in 2010.

Anonymous said...


Life can be so strange
There are many deranged
One finds someone sweet
Then winds up beneath their feet
Left only with spare change

Perpetrators moving with speed
Seeking out those in need
Taking what is not rightfully theirs
Leaving behind trails of despair
Driven by lust and greed

Lost and all alone
Because of hearts made of stone
Victims stare in the night
Waiting for dawn's new light
Bringing once more refreshed hope

Be strong for perpetrators will pay
For all the wrongs they've done
God still reigns above
And the moment will soon come
When those who love win over hate

Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

Unfortunetly even if the Supreme court rules in the fathers favor it is unlikely he will get his child back. If he does I hope it is publicized. In cases overturned by the appeals court the state just goes back into a dependency and takes it back to trial for TPR.

Anonymous said...

Then we have no hope?

Anonymous said...

Pam; thank you for all your continued "devotion" your passion and your 'most kind heart' for the sacrifices you make for children and families.

I have one question for attorneys. Will any ONE of you help the grandparents to save their "children?" Are the Children worth more than money to you? They are to us. I would gladly give up my home, my car, and everything I have, to get my grandbaby home. Most grandparents if not all, would do that...If that is what it would take, I would have a place to go if I could adopt her and have the (taken for granted) option of moving. Can we find one attorney who will do a pro bono case, first class, nothing to argue but hearsay? An attorney who just might make a name for himself for the thousands of people who are missing a child in Washington State? Can we work on making this happen? I need to do a brief; I've never done a brief before; so far I am progressing correctly, but I could lose a living,breathing, human being, who cannot speak for herself, because I am not an attorney! Can we find ONE ATTORNEY who will listen, who will care enough to help the children? One attorney who will sacrifice for the life of a child in our United States of America? One attorney who will not look at "money' as the determining factor in bringing a child home? Charity is the most you can give to anyone; we are willing to accept charity; we are humble and we love our children the same way you love your children. ONE case would at least be "tax deductable" if not doing it for the sake of the children. Let us think about this and work for this goal. These cases are time-sensitive. These children have siblings at home, waiting for them. Think about it.

Councilwoman Mowrey