Friday, December 4, 2009

Honduras Has Settled Down To Mend...Recover...

A note from friend Bill, American Expat, living in Tegu., HN

"Those of you paying close attention to Honduras know that officially, just a few minutes ago, the National Congress voted NO to the restitution of Former President Mel Zelaya as President of Honduras.

Honduras has been, at least Diplomatically, through Hell since June 28, after the Supreme Court ruled Zelaya's actions Unconstitutional, and Congress approved his removal from office almost unanimously. Honduras was considered a pariah, a failed nation, by nearly the whole world.

Now, we've had elections, deemed free and fair by all international observers. We have had Congress vote on Zelaya's restitution, as required by the San Jose accord. Many countries have indicated they'll again honor our sovereign rights, the Chavista ALBA block not withstanding.

Is it over? Is everything normal? No. Honduras remains divided to a degree. Zelaya worked very hard to create disunity, and divide the population while he was President. He is still holed up in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, trying to instill class hatred, and promote insurrection. But money to pay protesters has diminished, so protests have pretty well dried up.

The problems that gave Zelaya fuel for class division remain. Poverty remains a big problem. No government program will eliminate it. We desperately need a climate to attract investment, domestic and foreign to create new jobs and create real wealth. Reduced crime. An accommodating business environment. Less corruption at all levels. Empowerment of the people. Better labor-management relations.

Honduras has missed some opportunities since we moved here 15 years ago. The XXI'st Century Socialism promoted by Hugo Chavez was definitely a move in the wrong direction.

We have a shot at it. Way over half of a solid, low abstention electorate chose Pepe Lobo to be President of Honduras. He has a good shot to make some real progress. Freedom loving investors all over the world have a lot of good reason to put their faith in Honduras.

We have prevailed against mighty heavy odds. And we've all learned how well the Socialist inclined block is coordinated, all over the world!

Viva Honduras!"

Yes, Bill. Viva Honduras!

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