Thursday, December 31, 2009

Senator Adam Kline And Senator Pam Roach Go Shooting....

Senator Adam Kline, Chair of the Judiciary Committee and Seattle's "Most Liberal" and Senator Pam Roach, former Chair of Senate Judiciary and the state's "Most Stand Up Conservative" square off at the gun range.
Senate Democrat Leadership Will Again Go After Your Right To Protect Yourself. In an effort to ward off the attack NRA's Brian Judy and I hosted Kline at the Black Diamond Gun Club last month. Kline wants to enact the now defunct Congressional gun ban here in WA State.

Washington State Legislative Shooting Champion Pam Roach.

I like Adam Kline. I like him because he is honest and straight forward (character traits that can't be said about all Republicans in the Senate). But, he is wrong in his approach to gun rights. Adam agreed to learn more about firearms and spent a morning last month shooting rifles and pistols.

Pam, Brian Judy, and Adam after shooting a myriad of firearms. I think Adam enjoyed himself. He did not go into the day without some knowledge. This was not the first time he had fired a gun. (I've got some really cool action shots!)

Adam's concern is about "lethality." Well, all guns are potentially lethal. We showed him the cosmetic differences in the bad looking and OK looking guns. They are functionally the same. The parts are interchangeable.

We reminded Adam that even the Democrat led U.S. Congress is not moving to reinstate the federal gun ban over certain firearms that expired a few years ago.

He says he does not want to get rid of all guns...just some. Not surprising...he will propose a ban in the 2010 session. We will square-off. We will be on opposite sides of the issue.

It is not the law abiding citizens who commit the crimes. We have federal ID checks and a five day waiting period in place. If you have a criminal or mental health record you cannot legally possess a gun. There is a five year sentence add on to a prison term if a gun has been used in a crime. (In fact, I think that was my bill.)

Bottom line: Law abiding citizens have the constitutional right to defend themselves, their families, and their property. Keep your firearms away from children and in a place where they can't be stolen.


strawberryblonde said...

Great pictures! And may I comment, AMEN!

Anonymous said...

It`s great that you bring this subject up. My husband loves his guns. He hunts with family every year and he also collects antique guns. He has his concealed weapons permit and his guns are not only behind a locked door but also locked in gun safes. Usually when there is a shooting it is someone who has had a criminal history of some sort. Not always of course. If guns are banned, what next? We all have knives in our homes. Those can easily be used as a weapon for anyone intent on hurting someone. I guess it`s just that we wonder if it will get to the point we have no rights as citizens. I`m sure that the perpetrators involved with the police shootings had a record of some kind and were not upstanding citizens. Everybody else should not be punished because of the evil people. Our family`s thoughts and prayers are with the fallen police officers and their families. Let`s make the laws tougher for the ones who have already offended, especially if a gun or any weapon was involved with a crime.

Anonymous said...

If guns are banned, only criminals will have guns!! And that leaves the honest, law-abiding person without the ability to protect his property, family and life. We must NOT allow this to happen. Please keep us informed on this.

Recycled Motorcyclist said...

As a Democrat who has a taught safe pistol/rifle use, holds a concealed carry permit and competes with an AR-15, I find Senator Kline's approach to the issue deeply disturbing. It borders on the Kafkaesque how he says he supports gun rights but wants to ban whole classes of guns and their safe and currently legal use.

I also expect that he subscribes to what's been termed "Goldilocks Gun Control": ban anything that can be considered too big, too small, too powerful or too inexpensive. That may leave 1-2 guns acceptable to him...maybe...

Disagreement on an issue is expected and healthy but I find it unacceptable that Senator Kline does not feel himself to be a servant of the people. I am also an offroad vehicle user and have run across a letter by him, stating that he does not 'need' the votes of offroad vehicle users or to consider their views in crafting legislation. In any other field, that approach would result in unemployment - I feel it should in his case as well.