Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Stuff Coming And A Reader Reminder Of What Is Being Suffered

This comment came in today and so typifies the feelings of many that i brought it up front. I had a very good meeting with Denise and AAG on Friday. This subject did come up. More on the meeting tonight. I did feel that it went very well. Denise seems very committed to keeping families together when possible.

"I could not agree more that Bremerton is one of the worst offices. I just hope they conform to the new mandates from above. Parents are coerced into relinquishing with tid bit promises of pictures all of the time.
Once a child is adopted it is the adoptive parents decision. I have a daughter that was adopted to strangers and has been cut off from all her siblings and family. What kind of people do that to a child? Not only has my daughter been placed in a place with people of questionable character but, they have also inflicted irreparable abuse on all of her siblings in the process of their keeping these kids apart.
My daughters non family adoption was a product of the Bremerton office also. They seem to pick real winners over here. I believe that it was based in part on the GALs recommendations. GALs and CASAs need to be help personally accountable for their poor recommendations that ultimately harm children beyond the ones they represent in court. May just happen too. Keep your eye on the news for the next couple of years. We are nowhere near done in our mission to stop this destruction of children and families."


Anonymous said...

Dear Pam,
First of all I want to thank you so much for all that you do in the area of CPS/DSHS God Bless you.
Why can't we as voting people do more on this subject? If we just unite all together it seems like someone would have to listen.
I also whole heartedly agree that the GAL's and CASA need to be held accountable, as our CASA person, who was for us, up until DSHS removed Our little girl from our home.CASA even filed papers with the court to have her remain in our home just the day before DSHS took her. Then when this CASA person testified in our hearing almost her whole testimony was a lie, we just sat there with our mouths open as we could not believe what she was saying. We do have proof of some of the lies that she told. So what is this taking an oath to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth,CASA and the GAL's this oath does not apply too, only the rest of us. Is the swearing in just a big joke with them and they can get by with this? Also the judge in our case appointed an attorney for our little girl and she does not want to talk with anyone,although she has spoken with some of the names that we have given her but only because they have called her and set an appointment to talk with her, she has not contacted anyone else. This attorney told almost everybody that went in to see her that she just does not do this,she does not talk to this many people and it has only been our three daughters,our sister,the Mom,who got upset with her and walked out,her grandmother and her Dad.
When her Dad was done talking with the attorney for his daughter,he called me and said "I felt in talking with her that she already had her mind made up". What kind of a person that is supposed to do what is in the best interest of the child and when you are talking about a very pivotal moment in this childs life would not talk to as many people as neccessary? This attorney is unbelievable and how many children is this allowed to happen too? They do need to be held accountable. And to top the cake off this attorney stated that she is not the GAL just her attorney and that CASA is still the GAL in this case,now this is the very same CASA that lied while under oath in our hearing, is this scary or what and how can they get away with this?
Thank you again Senator for all that you do to help these children.
Please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I hate to just put blame on CASA and GALs.(Although our St appointed GAL has never returned 1 of my phonecalls in over 2 yrs.She gets paid to "handle" my case. How curious !)
It is all of the system. The ones who remove the children with their wonderful decision making skills ($) and the court appointed attornies ($),and in my case even the MD's ($) and foster parents who lie like the rest of the rugs. They all need to be held accountable.

It is a GIANT MONSTER that we have on our hands. But it is not impossible to take them down. I have had people tell me it will never happen but I refuse to believe that change CAN't happen.

I am thinking right now,especially after KOMO's story on CPS,that is a perfect time to start in on a Class Action.

What gives ?

Anonymous said...

ok so they seem committed but what about actually being committed and holding cps/casa accountable? There are so many families that have lost their children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/siblings over the illegal actions of these people but they are left bleeding and who knows what we will have in the next decade - lost souls looking for their families. I am keeping my eye on all of this but I may not survive this heartache. My surviving has no meaning but the survival of all of these children who are ripped away and put into foster to adopt by lying cheating cps/casa workers will grow up and what about their survival - what about it

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with you more. The department said they were bringing little sister back. Big sister got all little sister's things ready; Searching for Christmas presents in every "wish book" she could find. I had never seen big sister so "well and happy" since the time before her sister left; then CASA destroyed all hope. Now big sister is sick, has been to the doctor twice in one week. Now she has athsma; has lost interest in activities. But, where does CASA place the blame? The family must be doing something; pray tell, not CASA! CASA didn't do a thing! They only went back to "cave man days" to try to find some lies to keep the "sisters apart; put out a restraining order to guarantee the "children" would stay "apart" yet blame me for saving one child by returning the other because of what I believed to be coercion. Let alone the damage done to me and the mother! The mother who is doing all she can do to stay clean and save her other child. Trying desperately to keep both sisters together. The judge stating: "do the math" not relating to the fact that mom started using immediately after the death of the only father she knew. Instead, blaming mom's use on lies about me. God is my true judge, and one day God will judge the agencies for what they do that harm "innocent children." The children will never be the same. Innocent lives are "history." A Bible verse states, " To the least of these you do to me." Big sister has had to grow up too fast during this last year, because of state and court involvment in our family. How many more "children" will CASA destroy before someone stops them? How can a counselor tell a child to accept the fact that she will never be able to live with her little sister again? A big sister who doesn't want to lose me, her grandmother? It isn't possible for a counselor to make that happen. Little sister isn't gone, but it's as if she were, and with no grave to visit... No closure possible. I have done nothing wrong; sister has done nothing wrong, yet she must suffer the loss of her little sister forever and "learn" to live with it; her life changed forever, so CASA can have the "win" and adopt her little sister to strangers only 20 minutes away. How CRUEL can our government be to the CHILDREN? Christmas will never be the same; Easter will never be the same; Life will never be the same. How can it? If someone has an answer, please let me know.
Councilwoman Mowrey

Anonymous said...

cps enlists casa to build a case against the parent. if they need a stronger case, cps will contract the big guns, an "attorney casa" to use the perjury, forgery or fraud to build a case against a parent. so now they want to lie, cheat, and steal our children and not use their own names.

i witnessed the 'attorney casa' throughout the termination trial state the she was afraid of the father but after court, she all but climbed over me to shake the fathers' hand as if he were the 'worthy opponent'. casa's have no problem telling lies and rubber stamping cps

all this theft of family and desecration of constitutional rights by the department is held secret in our judicial system.

our judicial system has been bought and sold by those who steal our children and break up our families, and we are enemy in the war against child abuse?.....when we ask for accountability and justice?...when we can prove perjury forgery and fraud used by 'the department, the aag's, judges, public defenders, state attorneys ect.?'...

Anonymous said...

I have remained activly committed and will continue. Once I mustered up the strength to pick myself up out of the broken pile I was dumped in. I came back swinging. Still am. This is so wrong and until my dying day I will not lay down and just do nothing.
We need a good Governor and some backbone in DC to put the the funding in the right place and criminalize the lies. Felony with mandatory prison sentences Long ones. Then set an example!

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,

Thank you for your hard work in this area. For couples and their families who have already suffered greatly, needlessly and wrongfully the loss of their children to a foster or foster/adopt couple; nothing can bring back those years. I was seventeen years of age when I realized that somehow society had allowed CPS to walk into a family's or couple's life and low and behold grab a couple's child with no proof of wrongdoing (meaning not a crime). I was shocked and apalled then. That was over thirty years ago!

Anonymous said...

Hope for parents of stolen children!
Today I spoke with my stolen daughter via Facebook instant messaging for the first time in more than six years. She is only 13 now. She found her brother and added him to her account then added me, her sister and other brother and her cousin too!.
A dream come true! She is safe anyway which, is a huge piece of mind for any mother that has been banned from their child to know.
I feel like I won the Mega Millions only better.
Of course if I won the Mega I could just buy her back! We are Washington State residents and in a financial crisis!
She is so pretty just like she has always been.
I think about all of what transpired and how I have worried myself sick every second of every day. Then poof! She is there! She has been sneaking on a friends computers looking for us. She remembers! She was never abused or neglected. I was so afraid that they had brainwashed her. Kids never forget their parents.
I have had the support of an adoptee that I am trying to help find her mother after years. She does not even know how much of a support she is. She gave me the strength and Faith to be patient.
I just want all the parents of stolen children to know that there is light! Do not ever give up hope.
Your children will find you.

Do I want her back Yep more than anything! but I know she is safe and has friends and is doing ok.
She says her adoptive parents are annoying because they wont let her wear make up till she is sixteen.So 13 years old! I told her they are taking care of her. Maybe 15 would be something I would allow
Still they will not allow contact with her brothers and sisters. Are there really people that selfish? Are these adoptive parents even human? What is the criteria for them to adopt? I dont understand how anyone could ever be so mean to a child.
I am so blessed today I could do backflips on a rooftop!
She said I Love you and miss you!
Words I have longed to hear for so long.
There is hope! This is our next generation and they at least a few have my genes.
Hope we can get her to Olympia to talk soon! Then maybe we can make it a felony for social workers or anybody else to LIE! in court that hurts a family.
Merry Christmas I have had an early gift!