Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pam Roach To Attend Today's Memorial Service...

(At service with governor, state officials and standing by General Lowenberg)

It is going to be a very difficult day for so many people as we hear of bravery, feel love and loss, and try to figure out the future for relatives, law enforcement and laws.

I will mourn our loss of four officers with millions of Americans.... If you can not attend, the service will be televised. God bless us all as we face our challenges and particularly those who have lost those in service to our country both here and abroad. God Bless us.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about the man who did this? Obviously he was disturbed. I have only heard rumors; I haven't viewed any news reports. Not to long ago, I heard rumor of a man who was shot to death while carrying a 2X4 piece of lumber, supposedly fighting to keep his child(ren) from being removed by a social worker who had a police officer with her. Not terribly far from my area, but in another county close by, maybe Ferry County? AS stated, it was a rumor and need be looked up to verify as to what actually occurred. I know the entire area was horrified by the news. Apparently everyone in the county knew the man and his family. We will pray for all the families whose lives have been affected by tragedy and loss; our city police department also attended the funeral; may God be with the families and the children who have suffered a loss.

strawberryblonde said...

Thank you for representing us. I was sick yesterday and could not attend. Grateful for the television coverage.

So many, many challenges the Legislature has in front of them, I hope they tackle the hard laws first and leave the fluff for later.

Anonymous said...


Thought people would like to know that the loss of the four Washington State Officer's made the news multiple times in California. I pray for a better world.