Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Officer Down...Deputy Kent Mundell Jr.

Memorial: 1 PM Tuesday, January 5th
Donations: P.O. Box 1489, Eatonville, WA 98328, Columbia Bank or
I understood through sources that Deputy Kent Mundell Jr. would not make it. For his loved ones the date of death was not going to be Christmas.

Years ago I was asked to deliver a speech on youth suicide at a national convention. I am not an expert, but preparation left me with some understanding of the issue.

An interesting and I think meaningful side story is that the more a teen suicide is publicised through the news...the more suggestive the act itself becomes to others. The result of that is, of course, more teen suicide.

We will and must honor our fallen officers..out of respect but also so we can commune with our heroes and their families. Tears come very easily.

This issue will not go away... but we must do what we can to stop attacks on our officers.

As a State Senator I will offer leadership in closing sentencing loopholes. NO THIRD STRIKER SHOULD BE OUT ON BAIL. And, public safety funding must be protected.

Local jurisdictions will shore up procedures as possible. Backup in domestic calls should be all about protecting the officer doing the talking. Officers gathering before work might do that at headquarters or in limited numbers if in a public venue. Police work is tough work and it is high stress. It takes its toll in stress related illnesses and divorce rates. Bottom line: WE need to give as much backup as possible!

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