Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hondurans Stood Up To The U.S. And Won

The greatest threat to freedom in Honduras was the United States and the attack on the Honduran Constitution that it led as it supported Manuel Zalaya. Thank goodness for the leadership of Roberto Micheletti, the acting president appointed by their Congress and the national Supreme Court. He is a hero to Hondurans. It would be an honor to meet him someday.

Dearest Pam: The election process was at peace. Thank God.
Many people went to cast their vote.
The "expectators" from other countries were pleased.
It was a true democratic process in which the system proved good and protected.
Those who lost do not mind as much,
because everyone is just caring for Honduras.
Now let us see what happens to Zelaya tomorrow in Congress session.
Let us also hope that the U.S. will not pressure us to put Zelaya back for a couple of months, since Valenzuela, U.S. representative for Latin America ..., said that elections are just one step but there are other parts to be solved of the Accord. (We all hope that Zelaya does not seek asylum in Nicaragua: it is too close for comfort. He should be far, far, far away from Honduras, as he can still do more damage the closer he is).
Thank you for all your support and care for our country.
Let me know when you are in Honduras.
I, as I told you months ago, live in La Ceiba.

Maria...I will see you in La Cieba. PR

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safariman said...

We really appreciate your steadfast support of Honduras, and moreover your continuing support of Liberty on all fronts! Let us know if you ever come Tegucigalpa way!