Monday, December 21, 2009

Evergreen Freedom Foundation Needs Correcting

Evergreen Freedom Foundation should not blame legislators for department failures. We have three branches of government. Please bark up the right side of the tree.

Maybe I take it too personal. But, then again, maybe Evergreen Freedom Foundation just got it wrong. The following showed up in an emailed newsletter from the conservative think tank:

"...last Friday, our investigative journalist Scott St. Clair broke the story about how Maurice Clemmons, the Lakewood cop killer, may have walked the streets due to confused record keeping in Washington State. Frustrated parole officers sent us the records and talked with us about how sloppy our corrections system has become. These officers say tragedies like this will happen again because our lawmakers pay too little attention to the corrections system. But they are busy funding other priorities. Last week, Governor Gregoire put essential services on the chopping block with her new budget proposal. Then she said it wasn't her “real” budget and she’d come out with that (and a tax increase package) “sometime in January.”

I take issue with the: "officers say tragedies like this will happen again because our lawmakers pay too little attention to the corrections system." Officers know who determines how business is run.

Hey...EFF...the governor is the head of the executive branch. If administrative changes need to be made the executive branch can make them with the stroke of a wand! I have been trying to get CPS to stop the lies for two years. All it would take is either a mandate from the governor, a mandate from the attorney general....or leaders in the system to decide to follow the law. They chose not to do that.

This carries over to the Dept. of Corrections. But remember...legislators legislate. We are not there to micro manage the departments. Oh...I would love to make changes but if the majority will not move your bill and the gov. won't sign it then the laws stay the same. I am not the gov and the democrat majority in the legislature will not make any waves with a democrat governor.

I have never put in more time on any issue than that of getting CPS to be accountable. So far they answer a few calls and then blow off what you say. I am not out there to be placated, liked, or rewarded. I just want the state to follow the laws. Evergreen Freedom Foundation should not blame legislators for department failures. We have three branches of government. Please bark up the right side of the tree.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering though, what they mean by lawmakers. When I use the term I now refer to the House, Senate, Judiciary, AG, and lawyers associations who manipulate all of the above. We can also include psychological associations, pharmaceutical companies and doctors who pay off, manipulate, translate, advocate, etc etc Where legislators start having problems is not having a clear line of demarkation in roles and paying little attention to public opinion. You said yourself, "Am I the only legislator who cares" as it pertains to CPS? Why is that? Because most legislators are going to follow the elitist trends and ignore public outcry. Obama is along with all of his cronies. Even when legislators act in good faith and follow Constitutional law they are yelling in the wind. The US House is coming up for vote and a few of us want the old guard OUT. Child protection and the funding of it is going to become an election issue for them. Family rights groups across the nation are talking about it.

Anonymous said...

What is also important to know, is that in the development of Federal public policy regarding child protection, "the books" (Beyond the Best Interest of the Child and Before the Best Interest of the Child) that formulated the foundation of ideas states that removing children will create a furor with parents and extended family and to largely ignore objections because they are all just a defense. This is a straw man argument and it opens the door to corruption on a large scale.
I am not judging the new administration quite yet. They are walking in on a created mess with a governor who supports child removal and adoption. Gregoire most likely supports the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and is just biding her time till these changes come. At that point, none of us will have parental or extended family rights. Statism will take over in the form of world government.
Who controls our social security that pays for all this is the Federal Reserve, a private agency supported by the international banking community. While a good part of paid in monies pays for the national debt technically the UN runs our financial system now. One must ask themselves why the UN is paying out so much of our money for the purpose of removing and adopting out children. Research suggests that policy and law makers work very closely with the Federal Reserve regarding the financial support for this endeavor.The State is just following Federal guidelines as it pertains to child protection practices. Our fight is with the Feds but we spend so much time in State courts fighting for our children that it usually doesn't reach Federal Courts. Reaching Federal Courts should be a priority.

Anonymous said...

I let my dog out to potty and overheard one of the people visiting a neighbor in my apartment complex. She was bragging about her Armed Robbery case being dropped because one of the officers was killed in the Lakewood police murders. This makes me sick! I can't imagine what police in this State are feeling. Fear I would imagine.